Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It doesn't make sense, but...

It was just over a week ago that we came home from Moore, Oklahoma, having spent an amazing 5 days working with ARC Disaster Relief Team.  We spent hours sifting through bits and pieces of peoples’ lives, by hand.  It was heartbreaking and heartwarming to dig through and pull out their precious mementoes, memories with which they’d be reunited because of our efforts. 

I noticed, during our 5 days of relief, that a lot of people show up in disaster zones to help fix homes.  A lot of people.  I was struck, though, and saddened, by the lack of people that show up to help fix hearts.

We picked up our kids, after a 10-day “vacation” from one another, and settled into a cozy booth at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants.  We were debriefing about out adventures, ours in Oklahoma and theirs at “the lake” with Aunt Jennifer, when Little Lou popped out this doozy: “Hey guys, I decided I want to be a missionary when I grow up.”

A missionary.

We talked about what that means.  She gets it.  We talked about countries to which she might travel.  She told us she didn’t want to travel to other countries.  She wanted to travel to the people in the United States of America, to be a missionary there.  She said people here need to hear about Jesus.

The United States.

We looked at each other over the table, my husband and I, and gave each other one of those “We need to talk” looks.  You know the look.  When you’ve been married 10 years and a couple for more than 14, you have a whole system of looks. 

We put the kids to bed that night, later than usual, having spent some time re-acquainting, and sat down on the couch for our first real conversation in a week.  He looked at me and said, “I’ve been thinking.  If we can sell the house and the cars, we could buy a travel trailer and a truck and we could travel to disasters as missionaries.”


To the United States.

And I looked right back and him and said, “I was thinking that if we could just get someone to give us $100,000, we could pay off the house and buy a truck and trailer and…”

And we just looked at each other for a minute.  And then we started dreaming.  Because, somewhere along the way, somehow, God’s been working on both of us (for a long time, really), building a passion and desire into our hearts for people who are hurting.  And somehow, at the same time, while we were experiencing the same week through our own eyes, God showed us the same vision. 

The same vision.


To the United States.

So here we sit, a week later, a million miles from where we were a week ago, prayerfully building our plan, our vision, our ministry. 

We’re ready to go.  Our kids?  They are on board.  They are EXCITED!  They want to tell people about Jesus and love on those people.  They’re willing to sell most of their toys so they can buy tablets from which they’ll be able to read books (yes, they are concerned about reading books) and Skype Mamaw and Nana.  Little Lou, in fact, would be perfectly content if the only apps that worked on hers were the Bible app and Skype.  She’s that awesome.

And so I implore you to pray. 

Pray for our hearts and those of our kids as we prepare for this journey.

Pray that, somehow, we find a buyer for our house.

Pray that we are able to sell our cars.Pray that we find a truck and trailer that will fit our needs (and our budget…or better yet God’s).

Pray that we clearly see God’s vision despite having human eyes.

Pray that we find the right organizations with which to connect so we can most effectively live out the mission to which we’ve been called.

Pray that we raise enough funds to keep us going…even if it’s through monthly sponsors.

Pray about whether you would be willing to help sponsor us through prayer, finances, or even a truck and trailer (I’m dreaming big, okay?) as we begin lives as missionaries to disaster areas.

I am in the process of setting up a website for our ministry.  (It’ll be in place as soon as we decide on a name!)  I’ll be sure to post that link as soon as it’s active.

Thank you for your time reading our hearts’ visions…and for your prayers!