Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Child Labor Laws??

Bounce it off Millions

Which dress should I wear to my cousin's wedding?  Should we buy the two story house or the ranch?  Should I vacation in Paris or Hong Kong?  Should I name my baby Ginger or Spice?  

I'm sure you've got a question or two that could use some answering!  We all do!  Bounce is running a fun program right now!  They've opened up a "game" of sorts on their facebook page.  Have an important decision to make?  All you have to do is visit the "Bounce it off Millions" tab on the Bounce facebook page.  Bounce will choose 4 of the most interesting surveys and feature them on their facebook page...and allow their hundreds of thousands of fans to vote for their favorite answers!  
Don't have a good question, but like Bounce anyway?  Enter to win the Bounce Dryer Bar sweepstakes on the Bounce facebook page!  5000 fans will each win 2 Bounce Dryer Bars, one to keep and one to give to a friend!  Enter today!

I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Lou craves attention

See this little girl right here?

She craves attention.

Specifically MY attention.

And I don't blame her.

You see, Little Lou had just turned 2 when Bugsy was born with jaundice and a crooked head.  

Little Lou was 2 years and 3 weeks old, and she went from being the center of our tiny little world to taking a very obvious back seat to her baby brother.  Little Lou's 6 now, and Bugsy's 4.  There has never been a "dull" moment in the last 4 years.  There's never been a time when everything's been calm and we haven't been waiting for the "other shoe to drop."  Never. 

Little Lou craves attention.

Specifically MY attention.

And I don't blame her.

Last week we went to a hoedown at church.  Just Little Lou and me.

It was a silly party full of silly women.  One of the older ladies in the church taught us a simple line dance.  We ate hotdogs and baked beans and potato chips for dinner.  Little Lou had TWO rootbeer floats.  She was giddy and joy-filled the entire evening.  She had a blast and she made me smile.  We had a lovely evening making memories together.  Little Lou got the attention she needed.  I got the "time off" that I needed.  We both ended the evening feeling fulfilled.

And I decided we'll do it again.  

Not the hoedown, necessarily.  That was a one-time deal.  But the one-on-one time.  Our days are busy.  I get the kids up, send Little Lou to school with a friend, do all the "stay at home mommy" stuff with the boys, pick Little Lou and two friends up from school, take them home, facilitate homework time, make dinner, give baths, put kids to bed, and collapse.  I don't have much time to devote to each of the children individually, and I'm failing miserably at making the connections, particularly with Little Lou, that she needs.  I want to build a bond with her.  I want to know her.  I don't want to be her friend...I want to be her mom...but I want her to know that she can trust me and talk to me.  I want her to know that I love her desperately and am behind her 100%, no matter what.  I want her to know that she's mine not only because she's my daughter, but because God's entrusted her to me for a time.  I want her to know that her "flaws" are what make her who she is, and that I love her not despite her personality, but because of it.  I want her to be happy.

So we'll be hanging out again.  Soon.  Just the two of us.  We'll be building bridges and making memories.  We'll be going out for ice cream.  We'll be playing together at the park.  We'll be dancing in the rain.  Whatever.  I don't really care.  I just know that God has given me this precious little soul to mold for His use, and I'm doing a lousy job of it.  I'll be making time for Little Lou.

She craves attention.

Specifically MY attention.

And I don't blame her.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

HELP! I'm a storage container-aholic! Rubbermaid Review and Giveaway

Are you with me?  
Do you stop in the storage aisle when you visit Target just for fun?  
Have you ever asked for food storage containers for Christmas?  (Yes, I have.)
Do you get giddy at the thought of organization?
Do you have storage containers of storage containers?  (Or am I the only one?)

The Scoop

One of my all time favorite storage companies is Rubbermaid.  I don't know if it's the reputation or the name or what it is, but for some reason I just like Rubbermaid.  When they recently offered to partner with me for a review of their new 8 piece Glass with Easy Find Lids containers, I was excited!  When I received the containers, I was even more excited!

And now...well, now...

The Good

They're glass.  Okay, so we knew this information simply by the title.  But I love that I don't have to worry, when I reheat the bowls in my microwave, about whether they're leaching harmful chemicals into my family's food.  I really like that.  I'd love to have more glass containers.  I'd love to be able to ditch the plastic entirely!  (Hint hint...Christmas is coming again...)

They're oven safe!  I can put my leftovers in the Rubbermaid bowls and take them straight from the fridge to the oven!  I adore this feature.  I can't do that with plastic containers.  I love that I don't have to dirty another dish!  I hate dirty dishes!

 They're generously sized!  This isn't a surprise either.  They range from 1 1/2 cups to 5 1/2 cups!  A 5 1/2 cup container is large!  All sorts of things'll fit in there!  Even the small one is a great size.  I was very pleasantly surprised, though.

The lids are snug! This makes me happy.  All too often, storage container lids just don't fit well.  If they tip in the fridge, they leak.  Food spoils.  Ick.  The Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids have the best fitting lids I've seen!

They're stackable.  Not just in the fridge, but in the cabinet.  You can make a nice, neat little stack of lids, and then stack the containers on top!  They stack very nicely in the fridge as well.  The bottoms fit right into the little cutouts on the lids.  What a neat, organized storage system!  (Did I mention I LOVE organization?)

The Bad

The limits.  You can only fit so much into the Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers.  That pretty much goes without saying, I know.  The trouble is, I've had a bit of a hard time figuring out just how much will easily fit.  Unfortunately, I tend to add just a tad too much, and then the lids won't go on.  It's user error, I know.  I don't know if I think there should be a "fill line" or what, but I know it frustrates me when I have to scoop some out and put it in a different container.

The lids.  They're not oven safe.  It's not a big deal, but it would be amazing if the lids were made of oven-safe silicone or some such thing. 

The Outcome

I am in love with the Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers!  I love that I can use the same containers from prep

to storage!

I love how they stack and store in the cabinet AND how they stack in the fridge.  I love that they're glass, so I don't have to worry about chemicals.  I love how snugly the lids fit!  I just plain love these containers!  If I could afford to, I'd replace ALL of my storage containers with Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers!

The Giveaway

Rubbermaid has generously offered to send the 8 piece Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers to one of my very lucky fans!  Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form to enter!

I was given these items at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RearZ...some of the softest gear for your baby's rear! Review and Giveaway!

I don't know a lot about fitted diapers.  We only have a few, and I'm not "good" at them yet.  I don't know how long Stinky should be able to wear one without a cover or a change.  I don't know (exactly) how they're "supposed" to fit.  I DO know that I like the way they breathe.  I like that Stinky's booty gets a "break" in fitteds.  If you know his rash history, I'm sure you'd agree that his little rear could use a vacation!

The Scoop

I was recently offered the opportunity by RearZ to review one of their French Velour Fitted diapers!  I've been eyeballing these babies for a while now, and was super excited to be able to give one a trial run!  I was attracted to the soft look of the diapers and their patent-pending V snap design, which is unlike anything I've ever seen!  (Please forgive the randomness of rafflecopter.  I can't get the widget to move to the end of my post today, for some reason!)

The Good

The V snaps.  I'll start with those right off the bat.  I was worried about that, to be honest.  Snaps on diapers are supposed to go straight across, or so I thought.  I wasn't sure about the part of the design that left one snap per side, either.  I'm always concerned about wing droop, and I was SURE a single snap wouldn't be enough.  I was SO wrong, though!  I'm very impressed with the way the diaper hugs Stinky's backside!  I think the way the wings wrap around to reach those V snaps makes it an even tighter fit around his little rear!  I've never once had a bit of wing droop with this diaper!

The absorbency.  These suckers can hold a LOT!  Like I said before, I'm not really sure how long Stinky should be able to wear a fitted diaper without a cover or a change.  In the RearZ French Velour Fitted, though, Stinky's good to go for at least a couple hours.  Even if he's recently eaten or had a full cup of liquid, he's still got a couple hours before I need to worry that furniture is going to get wet.  When the diaper IS wet on the outside, it's damp, not sopping.

The comfort.  I haven't asked Stinky, but I think he likes the softness of the RearZ French Velour Fitted diaper. (Even if I did ask, he'd shake his head "no."  He doesn't quite get the yes/no thing yet.)  He does like to "pet" this diaper before I put it on him, though.

The construction.  Not only is the RearZ very well made, but it's organic certified!  I like that.  A lot.  I know maybe it's silly (especially coming from a reformed sposie-mom!), but I really like the idea of the products touching my baby's skin being pure and toxin-free!  RearZ does a great job of this!

The fit.  It doesn't get much more trim than this!  The RearZ French Velour could rival...and probably even surpass...any disposable out there for trimness!  Not only that, but the front rise is higher than I see on most diapers, which is GREAT for a heavy wetting boy like Stinky!

The Bad

The gap.  Do you see it?  It's right there in the front.  Maybe it's user error, but when I fasten the RearZ French Velour Fitted onto Stinky, there is always a huge gap at his belly.  I've tried folding the fabric down and tucking it in, but I can't make it comfortable for him that way.  As much as I LOVE the V snaps in the front, I think they make for a funny "pull" in the fabric.  It hasn't effected the performance yet, but I always worry that it will!

The Outcome

I really like the RearZ French Velour Fitted diaper!  Although I was concerned about the V snap pattern (and do still have some issues with it), overall this diaper is GREAT and has suited Stinky very well!  It looks and feels comfy.  It's absorbent and TRIM under clothes!  For only $10 a piece, these diapers are WELL worth the cost!  I'd recommend adding at least a couple to your stash!

The Giveaway

Doesn't your little one's rear deserve some new gear?  RearZ thinks so!  They'd love to share a French Velour Fitted with one of my lucky readers!  Will it be you?

As always, I was given this diaper at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review, but was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thanks, RearZ!  Love the diaper!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A boy and his dog

They've been snuggled up all afternoon.  Priceless.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

EEEK!!!  Not only has my posting gotten behind in the last couple weeks, but my winners have been sorely neglected as well!  I know you've all been anxiously waiting to hear whether you've won any great prizes lately!  Well, I'm here to tell you that you just might have!  Congrats to these great winners...and thanks to all for your patience!

Megaroos Headband or Barrette - #56 Ronda
Megaroos 20% discount - # 20 Sabrina

Melissa & Doug Sand toys - #137 Jessica

Fitbit Monitor - #10 Jill V  

Congratulations to all of you!  You're going to LOVE your prizes!  To the rest of you: Keep coming back!  I very rarely have "repeat" winners...although they do happen!  And I have LOTS more prizes coming your way!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School with Incourage(ment!) - Review and Giveaway

It's that time of year again!  Kids are getting ridiculously crazy, moms are pulling out their hair, and bugs are biting!  It MUST be about time for them to head back to the books, right?  RIGHT?!?!?

I trust you've enjoyed your summer.  I hope it's been a little more "smooth sailing" than my own has!  I'm back, friends, and I have a LOT of work to get caught up on!  Since Little Lou heads back to school on Friday, I'll be back in the swing of things!

When I send her back, I'll be sending her with these awesome supplies (on sale now for $13.09 for the set!) from (in)courage ministries:

You know we've been trying to make things a little more "green" around here.  I LOVE these binders, folders, and notebooks, that will remind Little Lou that God's got big things for her, too!  (And I may or may not be using one of the binders for my own personal use...)  They're great quality, perfect for school, and I love the messages that they carry!  What a way for you or your back-to-schooler to spread a little love throughout the day!

(in)courage, by Dayspring, is a great ministry company!  You'll LOVE the community they have created!  You'll also love all the great products they have available!  One of you will also love the $35 gift code you'll receive in your inbox from (in)courage by Dayspring! 

Dayspring sent these items to me at no cost in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Check it out!  Down there!  My first Rafflecopter giveaway!  Hope you love it!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weight loss update

This, my friends, is what TWENTY NINE pounds lost looks like!!

Front view before:

Front view today:

Side view before:

Side view today:

Down 29.4 pounds, 18.5 inches...162.4 pounds today!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lean Green Mama, for giving me the guidance I needed!  We're more than halfway there!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer's not over yet! Monkey Doodlez Review and "Giveaway"

It's August here in Indiana, and I suspect it is where you live, too.  That means it's hot and humid outside, and the air conditioner is working overtime.  It means school is just around the corner!  Eek!  Two more weeks and summer will be over!!  Or will it??

At my house, at least, summer's just getting started!  Sure, we have to send Little Lou to school in two weeks (1st grade!  Where has time gone?), but Bugsy's been "out of commission" for most of the summer...stuck indoors because it's too hot to go out anyway, and even on the "cool" days, we can't drag out the baby pool because of his fresh incision and stitches!  That's about to change, though, because we visit the surgeons on Tuesday and expect to get the "go ahead" for REAL summer fun!  The boys and I are going to be hitting the sprinkler park and baby pool like it's our job!  And Stinky will be rockin' the sprinkler park in style, in his Monkey Doodlez swim diapers!

The Scoop

Monkey Doodlez was born out of necessity on a kitchen table.  It was named Monkey Doodlez in honor of the little sweetie for whom it was created, who shared the name as a nickname.  Monkey Doodlez is a Canadian-based company, with as many components as possible coming directly from Canada.  Because of the size the company has become, they could easily move to a factory environment, where they could more quickly and easily mass produce their diapers, but they've chosen instead to employ an army of work from home moms!  This is my personal favorite part of their story.  And they say that their quality is better because of it, which I totally believe because moms that get to spend ample time caring for their families are bound to be happier moms!

Monkey Doodlez offered to send one of their new Snap Swim Diapers for review!  

Just a couple weeks before I received the snap diaper, I purchased one of their Pull Up Swim Diapers from Bundles and Buzz, so you'll see some images and thoughts about that diaper as well.  

The Good

The cute factor.  The Pull Up style diapers used to come in prints, but now all the Monkey Doodlez swim diapers come in solid covered with adorable appliques on the backside.  The colors are vivid and bright without being too bold.  Even if your baby isn't a cloth diapered baby, even if you use these as a "swimsuit" over top of a disposable swim diaper, they'll be the perfect little swimmies for your little one!

The hold.  Yes, that's right, the hold.  As in, the poo hold.  I hadn't thought too much about swim diapers in the past, because honestly this is our first summer ever using cloth.  I always assumed that swim diapers held just like regular diapers, just more trimly.  Did you know that swim diapers really aren't made to hold pee, they just contain the poop?  It makes sense now that I know it!  And the Monkey Doodlez swim diaper does an excellent job of holding in even Stinky's most...volatile...poos!  Two thumbs WAY up there, MD!!

The fit.  The first time I put the Pull Up style Monkey Doodlez swim diaper on Stinky, I was a little concerned about the fit around his thighs,  It looked a little snug to me, but never caused a red mark.  Then I received the Snap Swim Diaper.  I LOVE the fit of the large Snap Swim diaper, even on Stinky's thunder thighs!  He's a 27 pounder (almost), so right in the middle of the weight range for a large.  He's short and stocky, though, so he wears the Snap Swim Diaper on the biggest setting.  It really fits perfectly!  (If he doesn't get a little taller soon, though, we're going to have to size up!)

The quality.  The Monkey Doodlez swim diaper are amazingly well made!  I would never have guessed that they're made by that army of moms I told you about.  I honestly would have guessed they were machine mass produced.  They're so professionally and well made!  Great job, Monkey Doodlez moms!

Washability.  Maybe it goes without saying that a swim diaper will be washable, but the Monkey Doodlez swim diapers have a soft polyester lining that's almost mesh-like.  It's extremely breathable for baby, and easily washes clean for mama!  And they don't absorb water like a regular diaper, so they stay trim no matter how long your little water baby plays!

 As you can see, washability is VERY important at my house!

The Bad

The snaps.  I LOVE the snap feature of the Snap swim diaper.  I think it makes the fit more perfect and personalized.  What I don't love is the way the tabs bulge out when snapped.  It may just be Stinky.  As I said, he's short and squatty, so it may just be that the front of the diaper can't lay flat against his belly.  It seems to me, though, that at least on this particular diaper, the snaps on the tabs are a little farther apart than the snaps on the front of the diaper, leaving a funny gap.

 Do you see how it sort of "pinches" in at the tabs?

The size.  As I said earlier, the fit of the Snap Swim diaper is perfect, but I think the Pull Up style swim diaper is a little snug.  I'd recommend considering sizing up on the Pull Up style if you have a chunky legged baby, but the Snap diaper is perfect! 

The Outcome

Stinky is adorable in his Monkey Doodlez swim diapers.  They're soft and comfortable.  The fit is great and the poo hold is fantastic!  You'll likely only need a couple swim diapers for a whole season if you use cloth swim diapers, and I truly think that the Monkey Doodlez swim diapers are well worth the few extra pennies you'll pay for their quality compared to some other brands.  If you're looking for a swim diaper to finish out the summer, look no further!  Monkey Doodlez has you "covered!"

The Giveaway

In lieu of a traditional "giveaway," Monkey Doodlez would like to offer each of you a 15% discount on both their Pull Up AND Snap swim diapers!  What a fantastic deal!  You'll need to go here and order directly through the Monkey Doodlez website, and use the code thisthat15 at checkout!  The 15% off code will only be effective until August 12, so ride on over to Monkey Doodlez today, folks!  Happy shopping and enjoy your swim diapers!

The Monkey Doodlez Snap Swim diaper was provided to me at no cost in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heelys Sneak Preview

First try in Heelys!  It's a learning process, folks.  And it's a little scary so far.  I'm hoping to get good enough in the next couple weeks to show you an actual "action" video...but for now...the process.

Thank you, Little Lou, for your excellent videography skills!  

This product was provided in conjunction with a Business 2 Business campaign in order to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fitness Gear: Fitbit Review and Giveaway


On June 1, 2011 I officially jumped on board a lifestyle-changing mission toward weight loss and fitness.  I gathered my "gear," switched my brain over to "motivated," went to the grocery and bought all the necessary "healthy" foods, and got started!  Following the LeanGreenMama bootcamp blueprint, the pounds started FLYING off.  After a few weeks, though, the weight loss sort of began to taper off.  It was still coming off, of course, but much more slowly than at the very beginning.  Desperate to pick up the pace, I began searching for the perfect pedometer to help motivate me to take more steps each day and slowly boost the calories I was burning.

After tons of searching, online review reading, store browsing, and finally giving up, I stumbled across a review for the Fitbit fitness tracker!

The Scoop

Fitbit is a California based company "dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lives."  Their monitor looked amazing!  They claimed to be able to track your calorie intake, your calories burned, your steps, the distance you walk...even your SLEEP patterns!  Fitbit agreed that their monitor would be a great addition to my weight loss and fitness process, and they agreed to send me one of their monitors.

The Good

The size.  The Fitbit monitor is small.  In fact, it's so small you don't even notice it when you're wearing it!  The monitor itself is about 2 inches long, but only about half an inch thick.  I love how small it is compared to other pedometers I've tried!

The website.  When you purchase a Fitbit monitor, you automatically receive the basic website membership at no additional cost.  The website has tabs to log your food (so it can track your caloric intake), your activities (so it can accurately track your calories burned) and a weight tracker!  There's also a Fitbit community where you can log in and talk to a mentor or just generally chit-chat.  You can view today's progress or go into "historical" mode and see results from any date you choose.  There are charts and graphs of all the activities you've done today!  The whole website is really amazing and has so much to offer.

The durability.  Granted I've only had the Fitbit for a couple weeks, but so far it's holding up really well!  I was a little concerned that it would snap in half, but so far it's held up and still looks brand new.  I'm pretty careful with it, though.

The versatility.  Mostly, here, I'm talking about the ways you can clip it on.  The Fitbit comes with a holster that you can slide it into to hook it onto thicker clothes.  You can slip the monitor itself directly to thinner clothes.  Fitbit says many women will clip it directly to their bra.  I personally clip it to the waistband of my underwear.  No matter where on your torso you decide to clip your Fitbit tracker, it will work just as well!

The motivation.  The Fitbit monitor does a great job of tracking my steps each day, and I try to increase my steps.  It tells me how many calories I should burn each day (2394) and how many I have burned (so far today? 1007).  It tells me how many hours I've been lightly active, fairly active, very active, or sedentary.  (Today the pie graph isn't pretty.)  Each day I strive to do better than the day before.  On the first day I just went about my "normal" day to see how many steps I took.  The results were scary...only about 3500 steps!  Eeep!  Since then, I've strived to increase that number each day.  I've had as many as 12,000 steps in a day, but am currently striving to hit at least 7000.  I know I SHOULD be aiming for 10,000, but that's a huge leap that I'm working up to!  As I said, it's helping to keep me motivated!

The sleep tracker.  This, my friends, is one of my favorite parts.  I guess I can't say for sure how accurate it is, but what I can tell you is that on days when it says I didn't sleep well/much, I am tired and draggy all day.  On days (like yesterday) when I have a good night's sleep and get at least several uninterrupted hours, I'm much more perky.  The Fitbit comes with a wristband.  The idea is that you will strap the band to your non-dominant wrist (I don't know why) and slide the monitor into it.  I tried it for a few nights, but since have been leaving it on the waistband of my underwear and I think I'm getting a more accurate measurement (for me anyway).

The Bad

The wrist strap.  I think it's uncomfortable.  It makes my wrist sweat.  The velcro scratches my arm.  The Fitbit tracker doesn't always stay in the wrist strap.  I don't use the strap.

The holster.  I don't use it either.  In fact, it sits on my bathroom counter.  I don't mind it if I clip it onto my pocket, but I'm afraid the monitor will fall out, so I turn it so the monitor is into my pocket.  I figure if I'm going to have it in my pocket anyway, there isn't a lot of point to even using the clip!  I tried hooking the holster to my waistband but the edges are "sharp" and it's not comfortable.

The sync.  The Fitbit is supposed to wirelessly sync automatically to its base every 15 minutes, as long as you're within 15 feet of the base.  I think 15 minutes is a long time, especially if you are near it right at the beginning of that 15 minutes but miss the time.  In that case, you either have to wait or you have to put the Fitbit onto the base and force it to sync.  It's not a huge deal, but it IS annoying, especially first thing in the morning, to have to wait.

The customer service.  Every question I've asked has been answered.  The trouble is, ever question's taken about 48 hours to answer.  When I have a question, I expect it to be answered quickly, particularly if I ask during business hours.  The answers I've received have been VERY helpful.  The just haven't been quick.

The Outcome

I love the Fitbit fitness tracker!  There are some things that I don't love, but they're not really monitor issues, they're more peripheral issues.  The tracker itself and the website that accompanies the tracker are great!  I think the monitor would be a fantastic asset to anyone who is trying to lose weight or become more physically fit.  If you purchase a Fitbit monitor, you won't regret it!

The Giveaway

Are you trying to lose weight, get fit, or know someone who is?  Do you love having the newest cool gadgets?  Are you curious to see how well you're sleeping?  You'll want to jump on this giveaway!  ONE of my US readers a Fitbit monitor of your very own!  (Retail value $99.95)

US only.  Contest will end and a winner will be drawn Monday, August 15, 2001 at 11:59am EST. 

How to Enter:

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I received this products at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


I LOVE the natural, organic TruKid products I reviewed!  I know you'd ALL love them, too!  #47, though?  She's going to love them for FREE!!

Congratulations, Amanda (#47) on your new shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen!  I hope you love them as much as I do!