Saturday, April 30, 2011

Earth Month - BubuBibi Review and Giveaway


I like trim fitting diapers that fit easily under Stinky's blue jeans without being ultra bulky.  I like diapers that have a similar fit to a disposable, without being disposable.  That's hard to find!

I wish I'd found BubuBibi sooner!

BubuBibi diapers are super trim.  They truly are a trim fit!  They're cute.  Don't you love the jeans look?  It's like those blue jean Huggies a while back, only reusable!  And they're absorbent, even though you'd never guess it by the thrimness of the bamboo inserts!

The blue jean diaper came with two inserts.  It's a one size pocket, and most of the time one insert is plenty, even for Stinky.  I do use the extra insert for overnight, but when I do this, I put one insert in the pocket and lay the other in the diaper.  I could easily stuff both in the pocket, but I just don't.

The fit is good.  There are cross-over tabs, which I love, and which I think I would need if Stinky were any smaller.  He's right in between two snaps on his waist, and since the diaper is stretchy enough and doesn't leave marks, I choose the smaller size so that he's less likely to leak.  This does cause a tiny bit of pulling on the bottom of the tabs, but not enough that it disrupts the function of the diaper!

The BubuBibi diapers are pretty trim though the crotch, too.  I'd like them to be just a tad trimmer, but this is just a cloth diaper "issue," I think, not a BubuBibi issue.

Check out that Cheeto face!  Here he is in action in his jean diaper!  Stinky actually wore this diaper a couple weeks ago for the Race for the Cure.  He was in it a looooong time...probably about 5 daytime hours...and had just started to leak a tiny bit around the legs.  I think that's pretty absorbent!

I also received a soccer ball print diaper!  I don't know if you can tell, but the tabs are different on this one.  On the jean diaper, the snaps are in a triangle shape, so there's one down below that helps hold the wings in place.  On the soccer ball diaper, they're just in a straight line.  I really prefer the triangle snaps of the jean diaper!

This is also a pocket, but the pocket is at the front of the diaper and has a snap to hold in the insert.  I tend to 
just snap the insert and lay it in the diaper, although it is easy to stuff.  I just think that since I have the option to lay it on top, and it's easier, that's what I do.

It's the same deal with the snaps, though...Stinky's in between sizes!  Since the material is stretchy, I can pull them just a bit snug.  Stinky doesn't mind, and the stretch of the fabric gives enough when he's crawling that he's still comfortable.

Hes not always in the mood for a photo shoot!  He's got extra stuffing here for overnight, because the single insert in this diaper isn't enough for my heavy overnight wetter!

BubuBibi sent me a wetbag to review as well!  I'm not in love with the print of the bag, but I do love the bag! On the day of the Race for the Cure, I was able to stuff 5 diapers in the bag with room to spare.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the stuffed bag.

The bag was leak proof and held up really well!  It's the same stretchy material as the diapers, and it works really well!

We were also sent disposable diaper liners.  I have used them a few times and really like them, but haven't been able to for a few days because of a major diaper rash.  I really enjoy using them, though!  I hadn't even really given it a thought before.  

Thank you, BubuBibi, for this awesome package!  I'm really impressed with your diapers, particularly as a great way for lower income mamas to start a stash!  At just $8-10 a diaper, they're much more affordable than many!  You can purchase BubuBibi diapers and accessories, as well as products from several other brands, here!


You can win an AWESOME BubuBibi prize pack right here on my blog!  One SUPER lucky winner will receive:

2 diapers
1 wetbag
1 roll of disposable liners
1 set of bamboo nursing pads

Happy Earth Month from BubuBibi and My This N That Life!

(Contest will end and a winner will be drawn May 10, 2011 at 11:59am EST!)

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Earth Month - Echo's Toybox Review

Every little boy needs a dog, right?

When we received this little sweetie pie from Echo's Toy Box, I wasn't sure which boy (or girl) would nab him.  I mean, look at him!  What's not to love?  

I should have guessed it would be whoever saw it first!  In this case, that would be Stinky.

I showed the puppy to Stinky and he grabbed it right away and started kissing it.  He drug it around all afternoon, and by bedtime it was his new best buddy.  

This little puppy is so well made!  Each piece is stitched on with extreme care.  The ears are exactly the right amount of floppy.  The tail is perfectly curly.  The stuffing is just enough to be huggable without being too soft.  The nose?  Perfectly kissable.  The eyes are stitched on strongly enough to hold up to tugging, which is very important!

Including the tail, this guy's about 10 inches long and 4 inches tall.  He's the perfect size for snuggling!

I absolutely adore this little guy from Echo's Toy Box, and so does Stinky!  (He doesn't have a name yet, but he will.  We'll let Stinky decide.)

You'll want to check out all of the animals at Echo's Toy Box!  They run around $10-15, but they're well worth it!  (And rumor has it, she's got a whole new line of crocheted items coming very soon!)

Winner - Selestial Soap!

kmogilevski, I can't say your name and I don't know what it means, but I know you were #18 and you've won the Selestial Soap package!  Congratulations!

If you didn't win, don't worry!  There are several more open giveaways on the blog, and more to come!  I've got another one to post this afternoon, and at least 2 a week in May!


Earth Month - Urban Munchkin Review and discount code

Okay, okay, I'll admit it.  I LOVE baby clothes.  Love them.  And until recently, I had no idea there were "organic" kids' clothes...or that I would want to try them so desperately!  It's not that I'm an organic freak.  I'm totally not.  But as I've mentioned before, I've gotten just a little more crunchy with each child, and started cloth diapering with Stinky has really made a change!

When I came across Urban Munchkin, I HAD to try their clothes.  They are so adorable!  Bright, vibrant colors are what drew me to Urban Munchkin.

Super soft fabric, great washability, and...oh yeah...cuteness...are what will likely bring me back!

Urban Munchkin was founded in 2008 by two moms who were disappointed by a lack of trendy organic clothing for their newborn baby girls, and thus took it upon themselves to rectify the situation for all moms!  Their clothes are made of organic cotton with low-impact dyes, and their tags and packaging are 100% recycled materials.  They also make contributions from their collections to child-based charities!  I love that part.

So, what about the shirt we received?  It's one of my favorite shirts right now.  It just feels so perfect!  It's soft, it's stretchy, it moves with my little mover.  It's adorable!  The bright colors are very unisex, which I love.  (I wouldn't put Stinky in the Fuschia, but any other color would be perfect!)  The unfinished edges give the clothing a really kid-friendly look, but because of the way they're sewn, they also don't look's just the stying of it.

I LOVE Stinky's Urban Munchkin Short Sleeve Tee!  I do think they run just a tad on the small side.  Stinky's a little guy...just moving into 12-18 month clothes, and his 24 month Urban Munchkin shirt fits great.  The only other problem?  They only make infant and toddler sizes!  In fact, I don't see anything bigger than a 2T.  Wouldn't Bugsy and Little Lou look cute in these clothes, too?  I'm hoping that as the little Urban Munchkin girls, Ava and Maya grow, the clothes will too!

You should try something from the Urban Munchkin line.  You'll be very pleased you did!  To help you get started, Urban Munchkin is offering each of my readers 25% off through July 1st!  Just use the code thisandthat25 when you check out!

Thank you, Urban Munchkin, for the wonderful tshirt and your brilliant line of clothing!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earth Month - Natures Nappies Review and Giveaway


What's that you say?  That Knickernappies Baltic Amber Teething Necklace makes a nice bracelet, but that's not its intended use?  Yeah, I know.  No worries, usually resides here:

You're right.  That's not Stinky's neck.  It's mine!

When Natures Nappies agreed to send me a Knickernappies Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, I'm sure they intended for Stinky to wear it.  After all, it IS a teething necklace!  And he did wear it...very briefly...but it was just a tad long for his neck, and I was afraid he'd chew it and break it.  I'm a very paranoid mama!

I thought it was really pretty, though, so I put it on.  

An amazing thing happened.  You see, I've mentioned before that I have pain related to a specific health condition.  The primary places I feel this pain are min my legs (specifically the joints in my left leg) and my left arm.  I put Stinky's teething necklace around my neck in the morning that day, and by evening my legs didn't ache anymore.  NO kidding.  And since then?  It's been roughly a month, and I have worn the necklace EVERY day.  I even sleep in it.  (If I don't, I wake up with pain.)  Since I started wearing the necklace, I have virtually no pain!  When I exercise, I may have the initial muscle aches, but that's it.  When I stand or walk for a long time?  No pain!  

I was a teething necklace skeptic, as I mentioned in a previous post.  Now?  Now I tell everyone I know about the benefits of teething necklaces!

Amber teething necklaces are just one of many products sold at Natures Nappies, though.  Here are a few others:

Little Joey's diapers

Aden + Anais Bamboo swaddle wraps

Mama Cloth

...and so so so much more!  Natures Nappies offers a whole assortment of reusable, eco-friendly products!  

You can purchase any of these items, or virtually any reusable baby products, from Natures Nappies!  The teething necklace I wear to help with my own pain is just $22!  

You can also win a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Natures Nappies right here on my blog!  (Contest will end and a winner will be drawn May 10, 2011 at 11:59am EST!)


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Earth Month - Kicky Pants Review

I am in love with this little girl's dress.

I'd like one for myself, because it looks SO comfy and just plain adorable.  OR if I can't have that, I want these:

Little yoga babies, right??  And can you imagine how cute Little Lou would look in this little outfit:

I mean, seriously?  She looks like a giraffe anyway.  SO long and lanky.  Decidedly giraffe-like, she is.

Oh, and then this awesome toy:

It's an "Auto Mobile!"  You can attach your little one's favorite toys to the ceiling of the car!  Ingenious!  I wish we had one of these!

These products are all from Kicky Pants, and they have tons of others as well!  Kicky Pants is a company that is run by a husband/wife combo.  The wife, Erin, had ideas in mind for items she would love for her kids, but couldn't find them in stores.  The couple longed to find a way they could spend more time together as a couple and a family, and thus, along with the labor of growing and birthing their second child, "Kickypants," came the growth and birth of their amazing company!

Kicky Pants sent me this adorable romper to review:

This little get-up is 85% bamboo and 100% soft!  I was surprised at how soft and breathable it is!  The fabric is thin...absolutely perfect for summer wear (now where IS summer?) and stretchy.  I really don't think there was any shrinkage in the washer, and the little dragonflies are a bright and adorable as ever!  

My favorite part?

That's right, the butt flap.  :)  I've always thought these were cute.  (Bugsy asked me if that's where his batteries are supposed to go.)

What don't I love about the Kicky Pants romper?  I think it runs a little small.  Stinky is typically on the 12 month/18 month bubble.  This is a 12-18 month romper, which typically would be big on him, but it fits.  If it weren't stretchy, it'd be a little snug.  I think I'd suggest getting a size bigger than you normally would.

Kicky Pants.  A great, eco-friendlier, mommy and daddy run shop!  Check them out!  You'll be impressed.

I was sent this item for review at no cost to me, but was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (Wednesday?!?) - Firefly toothbrushes!

Okay, for real, people...Random must LOVE Lydia!  And I think I'm changing my name.  Because Elizabeth?  Never a winner.  EVER.  But Lydia??  At LEAST 3 times on my blog.  At least.

Lydia, you're #34, and I'll be emailing you shortly!

Enjoy your toothbrushes!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Well, that was easy!"

I'm cleaning this week.  Deep cleaning.  My house has been a bit...neglected...the last few months, and I have had enough!  This week is my first "official" stay at home mom week, and I am bound and determined to make the most of it!

Yesterday and this morning I surface cleaned the kitchen.  By surface clean, I mean that I moved everything out of the kitchen, swept and mopped, put everything back in a new arrangement, cleaned the counters, cleaned out and washed down the fridge...  Right.  It's "surface" cleaning because I haven't opened the cabinets yet.  I'm afraid to.

This afternoon, I started on the livingroom.  Again, it's "surface" cleaning.  I have a TON of "deep" cleaning I will be doing, as soon as I get this place livable again (it's really not THAT bad...but I can't remember the last time I vacuumed under the couch)!  Speaking of the couch, I did vacuum under it a few minutes ago.  I pulled it out (It's a sofa sleeper.  I had to use muscles.), de-toyed the underneath, vacuumed, and pushed it back.

And then Bugsy, from his perch atop the couch, said, "Well, that was easy!"

Bugsy is roughly 45 pounds of 3 year old.  Added to the couch's weight, that made it about...well...heavy.

So, this little interaction has me thinking, as they often do.  These kids...they inspire me.  And what I'm thinking about right now is how often often this very thing!

How many times have I sat and watched while someone else went through a particularly difficult situation, and at its conclusion thought to myself, "Well, that was easy!"  Maybe a friend was struggling though.  Maybe they were pushing against a huge, heavy weight, and I just sat back and grinned and thought, "This is the greatest ride ever!"  (Those were his words shortly before he proclaimed it an easy job.)

It made me laugh when Bugs said that to me.  When he sat on his couch-throne and proclaimed, "That was easy!"  It was funny because he's 3.  It was funny because he didn't know better.  It was funny because it was easy...for him.

But when I do it...when you do it...when we as adults do's not so funny.  It can be devastating, humiliating, painful to the recipient of the comments.  I've felt it.  I'm sure I've done it.  It's not kind.  It's not fair.

I pray that I can have the compassion to see each of your struggles for what it truly is.  I pray that I will be able to get off my couch-perch and help you push the heavy things out of your way.  I pray that I can help you bear the burden, rather than watch from my own seat.  I pray that you'll forgive me for the times I've done the opposite!

Lord, please help me to see my friends' and families' struggles and burdens for what they really are.  Help me to see past their cheerful expressions to what they're really feeling.  Help me to show kindness and compassion.  Help me to carry their burdens.  Help me realize when I need to help them push the roadblocks out of the way.  Help me to never again sit back and say, "Well, that was easy," without taking into account what is really happening.  Lord, help me to see people and their struggles the way you see them.  Help me help them.

Earth Month - Rockin Green Soap Review and Giveaway


Stinky's overnight diapers were wet and...stinky.  Skunky.  Gross.  His daytime diapers were fine, but those overnighters, with the ultra-concentrated urine...yuck.  I thought it was the diapers at first.  I had received a couple of new ones, which I had used only for overnights so far, and wow.  They were bad.  Fresh out of the wash?  They smelled fine.  No trouble.  Perfect.  But after a long night?  Beware!

And then I received 3 samples of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent in the mail.

I love that Rockin' Green anticipates funk.  Even on the sample sizes, there are instructions for diaper soaking!  I immediately put my dipes in for a soak.  I'll warn you...the water will look NASTY.  Mine was grey.  I did not expect that!  Were my diapers really that gross?  But I followed the directions exactly, and my diapers came out fresh and clean.  (Now, keep in mind, I thought they were clean already.  I was really curious to see how the overnights would go.)  Well, guess what?  Since soaking my diapers, following Rockin' Green's instructions, I haven't had any funk at all!  Yay!  This stuff Rocks!

We did have a bit of an issue with Rockin' Green.  It seems that Stinky's little booty doesn't tolerate the Lavender Mint scent well.  This is sad, because I especially enjoyed the smell of that one!  (Even though I didn't think I would.)  What you need to know about that, though, is that I emailed Kim from Rockin' Green and she gave me some suggestions for using the soap, such as reducing the amount, trying the unscented, and waiting a few weeks until a new formula is introduced to try again!  I REALLY liked the friendly, helpful customer service.  In fact, when I am deciding on a final cloth diaper detergent (and I won't until after May, which is "Spring cleaning" month), customer service is something I will be carefully considering!  

Rockin' Green is a really neat detergent system.  There are three different formulas of detergent: Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock.  You choose your formula based on your water.  I have hard water, so Hard Rock is the perfect detergent for me.  If you're not sure what type of water yours is, they've got a map of the United States on their website so you can get a pretty good idea.

Not only are there 3 formulas, but there are also seven different cloth diaper friendly scents!  They smell DELICIOUS!  I'd love to try every one...and at $0.80 for each 3(ish) load sample, I just might!

You can try Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent for yourself...and as I mentioned, samples as super cheap!  There are other products as well, including dryer balls, ammonia bouncer, diaper sprayers, etc.  It's a full service laundry supplier!


You can win a 45/90 load bag of Rockin' Green right here on my blog!  (Contest will end and a winner will be drawn 5-10-11 at 11:59am EST.)


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Month - Kissaluvs Review and Giveaway


I've wanted to try Kissaluvs diapers since I started with cloth.  I have to admit, I like the name.  It just sounds nice.  I was, therefore, ecstatic when Kissaluvs agreed to send me a Kissa Marvel AIO!

The diaper I received is one of their new colors, Rose Dust.  It's a really pretty light dusty pink.  I wasn't sure at first whether it was pink or tan, to be honest, but checked the website and found it was pink.  I LOVE the color!  (The only trouble is that Stinky's a boy...but we've worked around it.  He wears it at home or when he's got a onesie on and no one is the wiser.)  

I like that the Marvel is made to be like a pocket diaper, but it's an All in One.  This makes it easy to stuff it with extra inserts for overnight, since Stinky is such a heavy wetter!  

The marvel is an AIO, meaning that you don't have to add anything to it to make it "work."  The "insert" included is sewn into the inside, and it isn't removable.  This means it is extremely quick-drying for an AIO!  When you wash the Marvel diaper, it nearly always turns completely inside out.

Not a just re-stuff the inner layer and you're good to go!  No searching for the right liner, no trying to remember how many liners you use with this particular diaper.  It's super easy!

The Kissa Marvel AIO fits Stinky great!  He wears it on the second rise setting, so he's got plenty of room to grow taller.  (Grow already, would ya?!?)  I typically fasten it all the way to the middle on the wings so that there is no gap in the front.  He's a belly sleeper, and if I leave gapping in ANY diaper, we have major leak issues.  The Kissa Marvel is a great overnight solution for Stinky, though, as long as I remember an extra insert!  It feels soft and comfortable, too.

It fits trim between his chubby thighs, which I love as well.  And look!  A shot of him laughing!  (We were playing peek-a-boo.)  You can see that the diaper fits just right in his thighs so it doesn't squeeze him, but it's tight enough to hold even the yuckiest messes!

I love the Kissa Marvel diaper!  If I could change one thing about the Kissa Marvel, I would make it come with an extra soaker.  I do have to use an extra insert for overnight with Stinky, and I wish I had one of the Kissaluvs soakers because I am sure it would be a better fit.  Other than that, I think it's a great diaper that I would definitely recommend!

If you'd like to buy a Kissa Marvel diaper from Kissaluvs, you can do that here or search for the retail store of your choosing.  Be sure to check out their new colors!


You can win a Kissa Marvel AIO in your choice of colors right here on my blog!
(Contest will end and a winner will be drawn May 3, 2011 at 11:59am EST.)


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Month Winners!

Here they are, folks...the winners for the first half of Earth Month!  If you don't see your name, don't be dismayed!  There are more giveaways coming!

Without further adieu:

Blissful Booty Cloth diaper:  #95 Hannah!

Little Green Books:  #105 Melanie
                               #115 Dana West
                               #38 ElishaC

Kids CuteTure Wetbag #18 Attila & Tamara

Zizzies & Izzies Fleece Soakers: #34 AEK

PlanetWise Snack set: #24 Jenny H

Apple N Amos Gift Bags: #33 Diana

Comfy Rumps Diapers: #111 Mrs. Skelton

Congrats to all the winners!  There are more open giveaways and more to come!  This is a fun way to spend my naptime...blessing some of you with great prizes!  Thanks for playing!

Just for fun - PRIZES!!

Here are yesterday's winners! I am still waiting to hear back from a few CD winners!  If I haven't heard back from you by Monday morning I will be redrawing!

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta CDs...
33 - Diana
44 - Mary
49 - Maney
21 - Velma
41 - Mary
37 - Lydia

No Throw
36 - Kristi S

Congratulations to all of you!  Hang around.  There are always more giveaways coming!  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have you ever been hacked?

I haven't used my hotmail account for anything other than Windows Live Messenger for probably 3 years.  I haven't cancelled the account, because I still use it for messenger, but I haven't even logged into the actual email side.

A few minutes ago, I got a note from one of my aunts, "I just got a freaky email from you in my inbox.  From your hotmail address."

Heart pounding.

Sweat pouring.

Cold.  Freezing cold.

I have never been hacked before.  I've always been nervous about it, but it's never happened.  I {almost} panicked.  I froze.  I tried to log into the account but it had been blocked!  Emails, text messages, tech support later, the issue is the computer, at least.

Me?  Still cold.  (I get cold when I'm nervous.)  Confused about how that would happen with an old, unused account.  Wondering whether I can delete the email portion of the account without deleting the messenger portion.

A little curious about what was in the freaky email, too...but not so curious that I am going to open one of the 8 copies that I received back in my email.  Nope.  I'm curious, but not stupid.

So, if you received a freaky email from me, please accept my apologies and understand that it really wasn't from me at all.  Thank you, hotmail, for blocking my account to suspend any more "suspicious activity."

And friends, change your passwords.  Regularly.

End of rant.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Month - Little Picklepotamus


Remember my love for Etsy?  One thing I love about Etsy is how may eco-friendly products I can find there.  Another thing I love?  There's something for everyone, including Little Lou!  As I was dancing my way through Etsy shops a few weeks ago, I tiptoed across a sweet little felt shop, Little Picklepotamus.

Little Picklepotamus tickles my fancy for toys as well as my tastebuds!  The felt toys Mindy makes are absolutely delicious...both in looks and in quality!

We received the Deluxe Breakfast set to review.

In person, it looks exactly like the picture!

Mindy's felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, which I love!  The craftsmanship is amazing.  The foods are adorable and life-like!  And the true test?  The kids love playing with them!

Little Lou loved them straight out of the package.

She mixed them in with her new green toys dishes, and made a breakfast fit for a king!  (Or her baby brother, who, in her eyes, is pretty much royalty.)

They even had strawberry smoothies for dessert!

(The strawberries are my favorite part.)

Even now, nearly a month into using them, they still look {almost} brand new!  The felt still looks perfect, but since they take them outside to the playhouse sometimes, or try feeding pancakes to the dog, or drool on them, they're a little dirty on the edges.  (I haven't tried washing them.)  The stitches are all still perfect, and they're all still the exact right shapes!

You can find a whole line of felt food (and other things) at Little Picklepotamus!  The prices are fantastic, and you will fall in love with the quality of the realistic looking food!


You can win a $22 gift code for Little Picklepotamus right here!
(Contest will end and a winner will be drawn on May 3, 2011 at 11:59am EST.)

How to Enter

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Earth Month - Green Toys Review and Giveaway


Bugsy and Little Lou are feeling a little left out.  This whole "review" thing is kind of getting to them.  They are super excited when the package man comes or the mailman makes a special stop at our front door, but dismayed each time a package contains a new diaper or a detergent sample or something else that only Stinky gets to use.  Today, is about Little Lou.  Yep.  It's her day to shine!  Today we feature products for which she got to be the "tester" and she was sooo excited!

Have you ever heard of green toys?  

If you're in the "eco-friendly" community, I'm sure you have.  green toys are amazing plastic toys made of recycled milk jugs!  Yep, you read that right.  Milk jugs.  6,139,327 as of the time I type this.  If I could, I'd save my milk jugs and send them straight to green toys!  In fact, now that I think about it, I'll write to them and see if that's a possibility.  I'd love to support them directly!

We were sent the green toys Cookware and Dining Set to review.

This awesome 27 piece set is perfect for any little girl's pretend dinner party!  Little Lou loved the colors right away.  (She also loved that they were hers!)  I love how sturdy the pieces are!  I have to be honest, I was expecting something a bit more flimsy.  These are the absolute sturdiest toy dishes we have...and we have a lot!  In fact, I am planning to get rid of some of the old ones to make way for these.  They're perfect!

Little Lou set to work immediately, dragging the play kitchen outside to the play house, setting up her work area, and cooking dinner.

She even made a little house for her {brother's} stuffed dog, Rover, out of the box!

The green toys are a hit at my house.  Stinky LOVES the silverware.  He'll crawl around clutching a plastic spoon or fork - no knives, the big kids won't let him have them - and scream if we try to take it away!  I love that even when he chews on them, they don't bend or break.  You can't even see the marks from his two tiny teeth!  (He also loves sitting at the table "eating" with the big kids.  He really does pretend to eat.) 

We're sold on green toys.  Totally sold.  Little Lou and Bugsy both have birthdays coming up.  I've got my eye on the Tea Set for Little Lou and Fire Truck for Bugs.  

You can buy green toys for your own kids directly from green toys, or from a myriad of other online retailers. You won't regret your purchase!  They're fun, great quality, eco-friendly toys!


You can win the Cookware and Dining Set just like Little Lou's here on my blog! 
(Conest will end and a winner will be drawn May 3, 2011 at 11:59am EST.)

Oh case you're wondering...they're up to 6,139,288 jugs now.


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And so it begins.

I'm listening to Stinky cry.  I don't like it, but I'm doing it.

Today marks a milestone.

Today marks the beginning of a transition.

Today is a bittersweet mama day.

You see, in August, before Little Lou moves on to first grade, we're planning to re-assemble the bunk beds, this time in the Bug's bedroom.  For the boys.  Bugsy on top, Stinky on the bottom.  This mama is terrified.  Bugs will be just over a month post-op.  He'll be fine by then, but I'll be so afraid he'll fall out of bed onto his precious new noggin!  And Stinky.  Little Stinky.  He'll be just shy of 18 months old when we make the transition.  Bunk beds!  They're babies.

But Little Lou is tired...exhausted some days...when she goes to school, because Stinky is a light sleeper and often wakes when he hears a dog bark, or daddy's alarm going off, or a firetruck, or the wind blows...  And Little Lou, though a heavy sleeper, is undoubtedly disturbed by the sound of him crying.

So today, on a random Wednesday, I decided Stinky needs to transition toward the Bug's room.  I decided I'm about ready for Little Lou to have her own space.  I decided that August probably isn't a good time to move Stinky to a new bed, in a new room.  I decided that he'd start napping in the Bug's room.  In the pack-n-play, because it'll fit.

And in case you wondered, it's not the age that bothers me.  Little Lou and Bugsy were both in twin beds by 18 months.  Nope, it's not that.  Stinky just seems so small.  He's still needy.  He's still a baby!  (Of course, in another 4 months when he moves to the big bed, he'll most likely be ever so slightly bigger, even in my mind.)

So, if you hear some extra sobs from my house at naptime today, you'll know why.  And I'll be fine, I promise.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Month - Selestial Soap


I LOVE laundry that smells clean.  LOVE it.  The trouble is, 3 of the 5 of us at my house have sensitive skin.  This makes clean smelling laundry really difficult!  I've looked into some of the "pure" soaps with scents, but they are almost always super expensive.

I recently found Selestial Soap through someone else's facebook giveaway, and it looked interesting.  I love the premise that products can be eco-friendly AND similar in price to the commercial brands!  The 100oz (100 load) size detergent is $11.99...almost the exact price as a similar size bottle of my commercial ("free") detergent!  I also discovered that you can purchase 16oz bottles of Selestial Soap detergent concentrates which you mix yourself in your 100 oz bottle, further reducing your carbon footprint!  I really like that idea!

I received a bottle of detergent and a bottle of bleach alternative to try.

The bleach alternative is great.

 I hate using bleach on my clothes because (among other reasons) it seems to wear them out a lot more quickly.  I've tried bleach alternatives before but never natural ones.  I really like this bleach alternative!  I wish I'd taken some before and after pictures of the white socks in my house.  They are certainly whiter than they were before!  It says it's color safe, too, but I didn't want to test that on my husband's work clothes (which are what I really need it for!) so I tried it on some of the kids' clothes.  Bugsy is still a bit of a bed wetter at night - not every night, but often enough - and I tried it on his bedding and jammies.  There was NO fading, and I feel a bit better knowing that they were washed with that bleach alternative!

The detergent is amazing!

As I mentioned, I typically use a "free" detergent, which leaves my laundry smelling like...well...nothing.  I secretly envy a certain friend whose three daughters always smell "fresh."  My kids?  No odor.  (I guess that's still good, right?)  I loved that I could use a detergent that had a bit of smell to it!  I started using this detergent just for Stinky's diapers, but quickly switched to using it for all the laundry.  I'm glad I gave it a try!  We have super sensitive skin at our house, as I said, and I was concerned about reactions.  We did not have a single reaction to Selestial Soap!  Our clothes were sparkling clean (or would have been, had they been the sparkly kind!) smelled great, and were soft as ever!  I love Selestial Soap!  I'm convinced!

I think you'll love Selestial Soap, too, and so do they!  In fact, the people at Selestial Soap are SO convinced you'll love it, that they're going to give one of you a 50 oz bottle of detergent and a 64 oz bottle of bleach alternative, just like I tried!  (Contest will end and a winner will be drawn on April 29, 2011 at 11:59am EST.)

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