Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Month Winners!

Here they are, folks...the winners for the first half of Earth Month!  If you don't see your name, don't be dismayed!  There are more giveaways coming!

Without further adieu:

Blissful Booty Cloth diaper:  #95 Hannah!

Little Green Books:  #105 Melanie
                               #115 Dana West
                               #38 ElishaC

Kids CuteTure Wetbag #18 Attila & Tamara

Zizzies & Izzies Fleece Soakers: #34 AEK

PlanetWise Snack set: #24 Jenny H

Apple N Amos Gift Bags: #33 Diana

Comfy Rumps Diapers: #111 Mrs. Skelton

Congrats to all the winners!  There are more open giveaways and more to come!  This is a fun way to spend my naptime...blessing some of you with great prizes!  Thanks for playing!


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