Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tune in Tuesday!

Congratulations to today's winners!

Go, Baby, Go!  Baltic Amber Teething Necklace -  #52 - Ashley
Minx Blog Design - #24 - Sarah
Best Bottom Diapers - #19 - A. Kerr

If you're a winner, you've already been emailed with instructions!  Congratulations!  Come back for more giveaways (almost daily right now)!


Andrea G. said...


I have a question. When you host a giveaway, do you pick a winner then email them and if they respond THEN post it? Or do you pick a name then post it and then wait for them to email it?


Elizabeth said...

I pick the name and typically email and post at the same time...I haven't had a winner yet that didn't respond, but if I were to have one not respond, I'd choose a new winner. Why? Did I mess something up? Oh, I hope not! I'd feel bad!

Andrea G. said...

No! Not at all! I was just wondering :o)

Elizabeth said...

Okay...well feel free to ask any questions you have! (I just might get paranoid...) ;-)

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