Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And so it begins.

I'm listening to Stinky cry.  I don't like it, but I'm doing it.

Today marks a milestone.

Today marks the beginning of a transition.

Today is a bittersweet mama day.

You see, in August, before Little Lou moves on to first grade, we're planning to re-assemble the bunk beds, this time in the Bug's bedroom.  For the boys.  Bugsy on top, Stinky on the bottom.  This mama is terrified.  Bugs will be just over a month post-op.  He'll be fine by then, but I'll be so afraid he'll fall out of bed onto his precious new noggin!  And Stinky.  Little Stinky.  He'll be just shy of 18 months old when we make the transition.  Bunk beds!  They're babies.

But Little Lou is tired...exhausted some days...when she goes to school, because Stinky is a light sleeper and often wakes when he hears a dog bark, or daddy's alarm going off, or a firetruck, or the wind blows...  And Little Lou, though a heavy sleeper, is undoubtedly disturbed by the sound of him crying.

So today, on a random Wednesday, I decided Stinky needs to transition toward the Bug's room.  I decided I'm about ready for Little Lou to have her own space.  I decided that August probably isn't a good time to move Stinky to a new bed, in a new room.  I decided that he'd start napping in the Bug's room.  In the pack-n-play, because it'll fit.

And in case you wondered, it's not the age that bothers me.  Little Lou and Bugsy were both in twin beds by 18 months.  Nope, it's not that.  Stinky just seems so small.  He's still needy.  He's still a baby!  (Of course, in another 4 months when he moves to the big bed, he'll most likely be ever so slightly bigger, even in my mind.)

So, if you hear some extra sobs from my house at naptime today, you'll know why.  And I'll be fine, I promise.  


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