Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dorel Juvenile Group Focus Group

As a mom, I love it when I have a chance to give my opinion on the products my children use (or that I use for my children)!  For this very reason, I recently joined a group called Parents' WeeViews, a survey group through Dorel Juvenile Group that asks moms and dads to answer brief surveys and give their opinions on REAL products that are in the making!  I think it's super.  Every time I fill out a survey, I have the chance to earn free products for my kids, too!  You can join the group, too.  It's simple!  Just visit and submit some simple information, and you're off!

Even more recently, I was doing some web surfing and came across a link to participate in the "Safety 1st Focus Group."  I wasn't sure what that meant, but it sounded like I'd be able to share my opinion a little more, and I signed up!  I want to tell you just a little about this group.  You're all welcome to apply for this program, but I'd like you to pay particular attention if you live in or near Columbus, Indiana!

There is currently a Dorel Juvenile Group Focus Group being formed in Columbus, Indiana.  This group is geared toward parents (and expecting parents) of kids age 8 and younger.  If you're a mom or dad and have children under 8 or are expecting, please consider joining!

The focus group has five types of research "events."  An individual can participate in any or all of the different types of events.  As opportunities become available, they will be emailed to all members of the focus group.  If you see something you're interested in, you simply respond to the email!  If there's space available, you will be accepted and compensated for your time!  (Currently, compensation is either a Babies R Us or Target giftcard!)  Compensation amounts vary depending on amount of time needed to complete a task.

What are those tasks?  They're simple!

Focus Groups:  These meet primarily from 6-8 pm at the Columbus, IN headquarters.  Children are NOT allowed to attend.  There will be snacks.  You will share your thoughts and opinions with other parents, and you will receive a $50 gift card!

Product Testing:  This will typically be during the day, at the Columbus, IN headquarters.  You get to take your little ones and try out products!  You will be compensated based on how long you are needed.

In-Store Shop-Alongs:  (This sounds fun to me!)  An employee will go with you to a store (typically Babies R Us, Target, or Walmart) and you will window shop and discuss products!  There is no purchase necessary, and you will be compensated.  Children are generally welcome to shop with you!

One-on-ones/In-home visits: These are meetings with one or two employees.  They are conducted either at the Columbus, IN headquarters, or in your home.  These times are a chance for the company to really get a good view of your personal product opinions.  As with the others, you will receive a gift card!

And finally, the online survey panel, Parents' WeeViews, that I mentioned above.

I LOVE that companies like the Dorel Group are working so hard to get to know their customers and their needs!  It makes me feel more confident in the company, knowing that they are looking at real-life moms, dads, and kids, and finding ways to mold their products to needs.  How great!

If you'd like to join Dorel Juvenile Focus Group, it's simple!  Just email Katie at
and tell her you're interested!  (You can also email me, if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them!   When you email Katie, please be sure to include your:
Phone Number:
Referred by: Elizabeth Knost

(There's a referral contest going on right now and I'd LOVE to win!)

Please consider joining the Dorel Juvenile Focus Group, particularly if you live near Columbus, IN!  And definitely, no matter where you are, take a moment to register with Parents' WeeViews!  (You can also find Parent's WeeViews on facebook.)  You'll be glad you did!


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