Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need your help!

What is your dream job?  Do you even know?  My dream job has changed, morphed, grown, been shaped by life circumstances.  But it's always been in the same field.  It's always been to write, to edit, to share my passion through words!

Picture your dream job, and then imagine yourself stumbling across the perfect position, at the perfect time.  

That's where I am today.  I have found it!  I have found the perfect job, for a great, fun company!  It's the job I've ALWAYS wanted, for exactly the pay I'd like to have, with exactly the benefits that make it perfect, at the time right!  AND they're hiring!  

You know I've been writing product reviews for a while now.  Well hopscout is looking for 5 editors, 5 people who would come on board and write for them!  These editors would be reviewing and researching toys!  They'd be going to trade shows.  They'd be working in their jammies most of the time.  They'd be doing the exact job for which I've been preparing!

Here's the "trick" though.  I need your help!  You see, companies are starting to get creative.  And this particular company, hopscout, is one of those companies!  

The application process is different.  I've already applied.  But part of the application process is a short, 1 minute video!  And here's where you come in.  Twenty finalists will be chosen on April 22.  They'll be chosen by popular vote!  There's a facebook contest going on RIGHT NOW and I need you to vote for my video!  (Hopefully that link will work, but if it doesn't, look for Elizabeth Knost.)  I'm in the top 40 right now!  But as I said, voting for this round goes through the 22nd.

On April 22, voting stops and 20 finalists are chosen.  Those 20 finalists will then do a video product review! Of those 20, 5 will be selected for the job!

PLEASE vote for me to be one of the newest hopscout editors!   It won't hurt my "work" here on my fact, I imagine it will open some new doors!

You can only vote once!  Please share this with your friends, your family, your coworkers...  PLEASE help me acquire my dream job!!


Melanie said...

Voted! Good luck!

Little Tiny Love said...

Done =)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, ladies! This is super exciting. I'm going to be pushing it hard for the next week...bear with me! I have to be in the top 20 to move on, and there are over 60 applicants...competition is fierce!

Anonymous said...

I voted! Good Luck!

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