Sunday, October 30, 2011

Proud to Support Pink: Freschetta review and giveaway


Random chose #2...Jen Crum!  Congrats, Jen, enjoy your pizza! 

October is almost over!  Tomorrow is the last day!  You know what that means?  It means it's getting cold here in Indiana.  It means my birthday is 3 weeks from today!  (I'll officially be "in" my 30s, not just 30!  A "30-something!")  It also means Breast Cancer Awareness month is drawing to a close.

I don't know why I have neglected to post about this sooner, other than that it's just been one of those months, you know?  We all have them.  The months where life swirls around you, where nothing ever slows down, and where you get to the end, look back, and wonder where time's gone and what you've got to show for it.  I can't say for sure, because I haven't personally experienced breast cancer, but I would guess that many of these women have some whirlwind days, weeks, months, just like this one has been for me.  I bet they sometimes forget things.  I bet they sometimes put down their computers and play with their kids because you just never know, do you?

Freschetta pizza has been such a life saver for me this month!  Each week this month we've had one day that's been so crazy, either for me physically or emotionally, or for my family's schedule, that we've broken the rules and broken out the frozen pizzas.  Here's tonight's pizza:

Freschetta pizzas are really yummy!  I really liked the 10-Topping Supreme PizzAmore pizza a lot!  It was delicious!  Here it is, fresh out of the oven:

Not only will you love the taste of Freschetta pizza, you'll during the month of October, Freschetta has been donating a portion of specially marked "Proud to Support Pink" boxes to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center!  October ends tomorrow, and so does the promotion!  Hurry out and purchase one of those specially marked'll recognize them because half of the box is pink...and enter the code on the box at!

I bet your family will love it as much as mine did!

Freschetta's super excited about about their donation to support breast cancer research!  They're SO excited, not only did they send select bloggers a free pizza, but we each received two sets of Proud to Support Pink headphones as well, one to keep and one to give to a friend!

Would you like to win your very own Freschetta pizza and two sets of Proud to Support Pink headphones? You can!  Simply follow this blog with Google Friend Connect and tell me in a comment to whom you'd love to give a pair of Proud to Support Pink headphones!  If you've earned your extra entry from my facebook page, leave "MS Walk" in a second comment!  Do it quickly...Contest will end and a winner will be drawn at 3pm EST on October 31, 2011!

Freschetta contacted me and provided these products in order to facilitate this review and giveaway, but I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Note to self

This morning at church I sat behind me.  You know, the 16 year old me.  The one at the end of the row of teenage girls.  The one that stands wither her arms folded across her chest as her friends lift their hands in praise.  The one wearing baggier clothes than the others.  The one sitting right by the boys.  Yep.  She was me, only taller.

I was reminded, as I watched the way she sang, the way she moved, every bit of her body language, of posts I have seen lately from several bloggers.  So so many people have asked their readers, "What would you say to your 16 year old self?"  So, I sat a few moments, pondering what I would tell my 16 year old self.  

And then what I would tell my 6 year old self.

Or my 26 year old self.

Do you know what I would say?


To my 6 year old self:
"Wow Elizabeth, you're six!  SIX!  You're growing fast!  You're getting big and you're smart.  There's something need to know about kindergarten, though.  It's just school.  I know right now it seems like the most important thing in the world, and I guess it is.  But seriously?  No one...NO ONE cares what your kindergarten graders were.  What you're doing now, this year, at the very start of your school career, is setting the tone for 16 more years of education.  Grades are important, but not as important as learning.  Settle down just a tad.  Enjoy your time.  Make lots of memories.  And for goodness sake, do NOT steal Emily's life savers!"

To my 16 year old self:
"Lighten up.  Don't be so serious all the time.  Enjoy your friends.  Boys aren't really that important.  Neither is (gasp) band.  Start exercising daily.  Your body will thank you in a few years.  Try to lay off the Coca-Cola.  It's delicious, sure, but it's not worth it!  Keep your room clean.  It's not just your mom that will appreciate it.  You'll appreciate the habit when you're a grown-up.  Be proud of your body!  When you're 30, you'll wish you had it back.  Trust me.  Spend as much time as you can with your family.  EVEN your annoying big sister.  She'll become pretty important later in the story.  Have fun.  Have fun.  HAVE FUN!"

To my 26 year old self:
"The next year is going to be one of the most difficult years of your life.  Buckle up.  It's going to be a wild ride, but you're going to come out with flying colors.  You're an amazing mommy, and you're about to discover that you're stronger than you ever thought you were.  Sometimes you're going to feel like crying.  Do it.  Sometimes you're going to feel like screaming.  Do it.  Sometimes you're going to wish you could turn around and walk away, maybe back to kindergarten.  Don't.  You'll be glad you held in there, once you make it through.  Be prepared, though.  And trust God to carry you when it gets really rough."

There are so many things I'd like to say to me.  I could talk to me at every point.  Heck, I have things I'd like to say to me last week!  Unfortunately, all the talk in the world, all the looking back in the world, all the wishing, can't and won't change what was!  I was who I was.  I did what I did.  I am who I am!  And all my life, all my experiences, have played together to make me the woman I am today.

Today Bugs came home from church singing a song I hadn't really sung since I was a child.  It's the perfect complement to the mood I've been in today.  I want you to listen to this amazing song:

Thank you, Psalty, for putting into words what I couldn't!

Friends, I bet you have some things you'd like to say to yourselves at some point in the game.  What would you say to your 6 year old self?  Your 16 year old self?  26?  18?  37?  I'd love to hear it!  You just might end up giving me a little advice I need in the process!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember this sweet story?  In case you've forgotten, the gist of it is that a little boy loves his stuffed rabbit SO much that it eventually is worn an tattered, parts are falling off, worthless in the eyes of others.  The boy never stops loving his rabbit, though.  Eventually, when it was time for the rabbit to be thrown in the trash can, the rabbit became real! It's a sweet little story.  It's a story we can probably all relate to in some way. 

At my house, we have our very own "Velveteen Rabbit."  His name is Rover.  He's a dalmation, and Bugsy is SO in love with him we don't go many places without him.  Rover came into our lives when Bugsy was just a year old and Little Lou had her tonsils removed.  He's been hanging out with us for 3 years.  He's been through everything with us!  He's successfully snuggled Bugsy through the recoveries from 4 of his 6 surgeries.  He helped Bugsy sleep at daycare.  They cuddled up a year ago when Little Lou started school.  They're best friends! 

Rover's looking a little tattered.  He's got a lot of "life" left in him, but he's also got some stains.  You can see where Bugs spilled his chocolate milk on Rover.  One of Rover's ears isn't attached the way it was originally (although it's still attached).  Rover could REALLY use a bath!

Today, though, Rover took a HUGE step toward becoming a "real dog."  Today, with his very own money, Bugsy bought a brand new leash and collar for Rover!

Bugsy is taking care of Rover's needs.  He's helping Rover "grow" into the dog he was made to be.  (And Rover is doing a mighty fine job of protecting Bugsy, too.) 

I only hope that I can be the same kind of mama to my 3 "Velveteen Rabbits" as Bugsy is a daddy to his Rover!  That's three little love bugs are going to grow up and become "real!"  They'll probably be showing the "love" by then.  They may sometimes feel a little "tattered."  But I'm hoping that someday, like Rover and that Velveteen Rabbit, I can say it's been successful.  They'll become real.  And I'll be able to step back and smile, knowing that I fulfilled MY purpose in raising them in a Godly home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boba Organic Carrier review

Stinky is a mama's boy.  Pure and simple.  Mama can't be more than arm's reach away most of the time without the little guy being sad.  Super sad.  And mama doesn't like when babies cry, especially when there's an "easy" fix to the problem!  (You might call him spoiled.  I call him...well, okay, I told him today that he's spoiled.)

Stinky likes to be held.  A lot.  It's an inconvenience to him when I do things like, oh you know, make dinner.  Or use a public restroom.  Or brush my teeth.  SO many people have told me he wants to be held because I hold him.  The truth is, I don't mind!  The problem is that Stinky weighs 28 pounds.  28 is a LOT of pounds to hold in my arms 12 hours a day.  It's a little inconvenient cook or clean or do most anything with a toddler in my arms!

Enter, Boba!

Boba recently sent me an Organic Carrier to review.  I was so excited, I couldn't WAIT to open the box!  I'd heard so many good things, and so many people had told me that Boba was the only carrier they would ever recommend.  Surely it couldn't be that good, right?

The truth is, we have another carrier, a Mei Tai, that Stinky loves.  When he sees it, he comes running.  Literally running.  I hoped that Stinky would be as excited about the Boba as I was when it came out of the box.  Perhaps it wasn't my best idea ever to just pick him up and toss him onto my back in a new carriers, but I did just that.  And he fought, and he cried, and then he settled in and was happy as could be!

Yes, I cook in sweatpants.  No, my kitchen isn't always clean.  It's not even always as clean as this picture!  But that baby, snuggled up on my back?  As long as he's touching mama, he's almost always this happy!  Once he settled into the Boba, everything was smooth sailing.

I carried Stinky in the Boba for 8 hours about a week after I received it!  We went to a Renaissance Festival and he was my traveling buddy.  (Strollers are SO inconvenient at events like this.  I wish I'd had a Boba with the other 2!)  You can see he was content to ride around piggy-back style all morning.  He could peek over my shoulder or look beside me.  He loved it!

Then we made the "mistake" of eating lunch.  Stinky was no longer content to ride on my back.  His belly was full and he really wanted to snuggle up on mama's belly for a rest!  For the next few hours, I carried him on the front.

It took a long time with all the noise and activity all around him, but he finally cozied down into the Boba and fell asleep, right there in the middle of the festival!  Stinky is NOT the kind of kid that falls asleep if there's ANYTHING going on around him, so it was amazing!

As you can see, the Boba has gotten some good use.  What you can't see is what I think of it!  So here you go:

  • The Boba is VERY comfortable.
  • The Boba is very easy to adjust.
  • I LOVE the colors!
  • The hood makes Stinky really mad, even if he was already asleep.
  • Stinky is comfy in the Boba, and he now gets excited about it.  If I have it around my waist and he's not in it yet, he tugs at it and says, "Up" until I pick him up.
  • Stinky isn't a lover of the foot straps.  This is one feature I was most excited about.  They make him mad.  He can't kick his feet when he's using them.
  • Boba suggests, when putting baby on your back, that you put a strap on one shoulder and kind of "lace" the baby through the strap.  This doesn't work for me.  Stinky lays on my back and holds onto my shoulders while I place the straps. 
  • Did I mention the Boba is comfortable?  I love the padding in the straps!
  • I want a clip for my keys.
  • I just saw that Boba now has adorable Boba packs that attach right to baby carriers or strollers or can be carried messenger bag style!  I SO want one of those for my Boba carrier!
Overall, I LOVE the Boba!  It's become my go-to carrier because of the ease and convenience.  Stinky enjoys it, which makes me a happy mama!  It's so soft and comfy for both of us!  Boba has a new 3G Carrier that looks so amazing.  I would highly, HIGHLY recommend the Boba Baby Carrier to anyone looking for a carrier!  Thank you, Boba, for making such a great product!

I was given this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


You've noticed I've been uncharacteristically quiet the last several days, and you've been wondering what's up. I know that because I know you. And you know me. You know I ALWAYS have something to say. Always. So, you're wondering where I've been, huh? Can I show you? 

Last Wednesday my sister had a baby! 

Isn't he cute?  He's a preemie...36 weeks.  You can tell because he's SOOOO tiny!  (Only 11 pounds, 7 ounces, 22 inches long.  Yep.  Tiny.)
The thing is, when mamas have new babies AND older children, someone's got to take care of those older children for a few days.  Because I think it's awesome that my kids can spend time with cousins...and because she's my sister and I want to help her out...I've had 2 extra kids for a good part of the last few days.  (Our parents took the weekend shift...thank goodness, since my 3 monkies were out of town!)  So here's a sampling of what we've done so far:

They've started their own architectural firm!
  (At least as long as they can agree to share.)

Important business meetings around the "conference table."
  (All professionals dine on hotdogs and ramen noodles when they're making big plans, right?)

They made blue prints!
  (Okay, so finger prints. No need for technicalities!)

A bit of excavating.
  (A tiny bit.  Seriously.  We had about 20 leaves in our yard.  They NEEDED a leaf pile.  Now.)

They've hired a construction (destruction?) crew!

Construction vehicles are on site!

They're still voting on a foreman.

They've hired a guard dog.

And they've tested the integrity of their materials.

("No! Mine bok!")

There's a lot left to do on this site!  It's hard work building relationships!  But we're all surviving and we'll all come out closer because of it.  Don't be surprised if I share a bit more of the journey later in the week!  I won't be able to show you the final won't be finished for years yet...but I'll show you a little of the progress!

(Oh!  And they haven't come up with a name for their "company" yet.  Any suggestions?)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Brotherly Love

Monday, October 10, 2011

I woke up

I was already sitting comfortably relatively comfortably in my recliner, having finally wrestled the last of the munchkins into a dry diaper, pjs, and bed, when my goofy father posted the following as his facebook status:
Committed to "Occupy Recliner" tonight. Protesting the inconsistent message given to the world by microwave ovens and rotary phones. Will be protesting for several hours tonight. You can join me in your own recliner... or rocker... or on your couch! O-C-C-U-P-Y.... O-C-C-U-P-Y!
I giggled, and then responded: 
  I have joined the Occupy Recliner team, but will probably be a deserter here in a few minutes. I have laundry and dishes to do...unless the washing machine and dishwasher are also sending inconsistent messages?? 
I told myself I was justified.  I told myself it'd been a long day.  The kids had been good, but it was grocery day.  Enough said.  And to top it all off, when I woke up this morning...
Yes, I gasped.  Audibly.  Because friends, I woke up this morning.  I have been living and breathing this entire day.  And thanks to my recent conversations with the Hubby, I was instantly convicted, got up off my backside, washed dishes, started laundry and put away the remainder of the laundry that was littering the livingroom.  I straightened the living room and cleared the dinner dishes off the dinner table.  
You see, Hubby and I have been talking about purpose and meaning lately.  We've discussed on several occasions recently how if you're still living and breathing, God's still got a plan for you.  As long as you wake up in the morning, you're not finished yet.
Do you know I'm a missionary?  I am.  My mission field?  It's small.  Most of them are tucked cozily into their beds right now.  One of them is finishing up class in another town half an hour away, but he'll be home soon, too.  And those four crazies depend on me, every day, to show them God's love right here in our home.  I'm sure He's got some other plans in the works for me, but right now, God's put me here in this place with these people.  
So, friends, back to what I was saying.  This morning, I woke up achy.  My new meds (or something) kept me up until well after midnight last night.  My body hurt.  My legs have been weak and achy all day.  But they still work.  My vision has been a little more cloudy today than it has been the last couple weeks, but I can still see.  My left arm hurts from Saturday's injection.  But friends, I am still here.  I am still alive.  God has blessed me with yet another day.  He's not finished using me just yet.  And as long as I continue to wake up each morning, I will praise Him.  I will do everything I can to be a blessing to those around me, including especially those 4 people with whom I have been entrusted for this time.
Thank you, Jesus, for one more day.  Thank you for giving me life and breath.  I will give it back to You!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What? 42? For real?

Four months ago today I set off on a new adventure, a life-changing journey.  Four months ago today I began to follow the LeanGreenMama blueprint.  I joined the LeanGreenMama 6 Week Weightloss Bootcamp.  I decided it was MY time.  I decided I needed to finally make the commitment to do it for ME.  And I agreed that, for at least 6 weeks, I'd share my journey with all of you!

And it's been 4 months.

And I'm still sharing with you.

Which means I must be doing SOMETHING right, right?

I want to remind you (and me!) of where I started.  For those of you who don't know me, I'll quickly share a little background.  I'm mama of 3 kids, ages 6, 4, and 19 months (yes, already)!  There have been losses of children, losses of jobs, (maybe a little loss of sanity?), medical diagnoses, 9 surgeries in 4 years, 5 houses in 7 years (and we've lived in this one for over 5)...a lot of stress.  This mama is a stress eater, and she had the prove it!  Here, let me show you:

Yep, that's me in all my chunky glory.  I'll admit it to you now, I was "obese."  Eeek.  See that belly?  Ugh.  Not a pretty picture!  But I followed the LeanGreenMama blueprint and started dropping pounds!  Just changing my eating made a HUGE difference!

Then I started adding in exercise.  I increased my "workouts" to WiiFit step on a 4" step, 30 minutes a day 3 times a week.  And then I added in Zumba classes 1-2 times a week.  And then I found FitBit.  This handy little tracker was like a pedometer on steroids!  Amazing little device that made me want to move more!  It tracks steps, miles, can use online tools to track your calorie intake and exercise.  This is a great tool for anyone who is interested in being healthy!

Pounds started falling off.  They took inches along with them!  Pounds and inches just plunking down all around me!  I promise some days I could feel them disappearing.

And today?  Today, my friends, I am 4 months into a lifetime of change.  4 months into a lifestyle change that has already made a huge difference in the way I think and feel.  4 months into forever.  What has 4 months earned me?

4 months has earned me a THREE size reduction in pants size!  (Girly pants are funny.  I was a 16 then, and I'm a 10 now!  That's 3 sizes.  Go figure.)  It's earned me the need for a new blender because my blades are dull and not blending anymore.  It's also earned me the need for a new food processor, because the little 3 cup cheapo just doesn't cut it!

4 months has earned me a 25.5 inch reduction in my overall body size!  That's just measuring my chest, waist, hips, and thighs!  I wish I had measured my arms.  I know there's a difference.

4 months has earned me a firm spot in the "healthy weight range!"  That's right.  I am now .2 pounds below the very top of the healthy weight range for my height!  (Maybe that's not so "firm" but hooray!)

So, again, here I am, 191.8 pounds:

And here I am today, 149.8 pounds:

Friends, 4 months has earned me a 42 pound loss!  Forty two pounds!

I have LeanGreenMama and FitBit, in huge part, to thank for that huge change!  Thank you so much, both of you, for all the help and support you've provided along the way!  I can't wait to be able to tell you I've reached my goal (14.8 pounds to goal!) or that I've surpassed that goal and set a new one!

You've got LeanGreenMama and FitBit to thank as well.  You knew it was coming, didn't you?  That's right!  It's giveaway time!

LeanGreenMama has agreed, VERY generously, to give EVERY ONE of my readers a 42% discount on her LeanGreenMama 6 Week Weightloss Bootcamp in celebration of my 42 pound loss!!  If you've been thinking about joining, now is the BEST time to do it!  It'll be a while before you see another deal like this!  You'll need to follow THIS LINK and enter the coupon code THISNTHAT (all caps).  Hurry, though!  You only have through Tuesday, Oct 11, to take advantage of this amazing offer!

FitBit has agreed to send one of my super lucky readers one of the brand new FitBit Ultra trackers!  The FitBit Ultra was JUST released on Monday, so you'll be one of the very first to try it!  It's just like the original FitBit, only with a ton of new features!  You'll love it!  (I'll be reviewing it next week.  What I can say so far is that it is AWESOME!!)

We're going to make this a quick giveaway, because I think 42 pounds in 4 months is pretty quick.  We're going to run this thing for 4 days, in honor of the 4 months of hard work.  And we're going to make it an easy giveaway, because I think 42 pounds in 4 months has been pretty easy.  We're going to rafflecopter it, and we're going to have just 2 entry options.  Are you up for that?

Enjoy, my friends!  I'll update you again on November 8th!

Go Green Giveaway Event

It's here!  It's here!  It's here!  IT'S HERE!!!!

Hooray!  It's finally here!  The moment we've all been waiting for!  The Go Green Giveaway Event hosted by Untrained Hair Mom!  The very first blog event in which My This N That Life has ever participated!  Are you as excited as I am?  Because...well...I'm pretty excited! 

So, here's the deal.  I have three awesome prizes.  AMAZING prizes.  I love all of them and would like to win every single one!  Since I can't, though, I'll let three of you win them!  Sound good?  I sure think so!  All you have to do is enter my simple Rafflecopter form.  That's it!  (I'd appreciate it if you'd follow the links for each of the prizes, a little about them...and earn your extra entries!)  When you're done entering here on my blog, simply follow the link at the bottom...hit up the next blog (#37, Crum's This N That)...repeat.  There are about 50 of us, so your chances of winning SOMETHING are fabulous!  Ready for the fun??  Here we go!

Prize 1: Baby

Tender Tushies


1 Bamboo Diaper


2 Print Diapers and a Wetbag



Prize 2: Toddler
Gween Toys



1 set of Gwomies



Prize 3: Mommy

Tropical Traditions


Powdered Dishwasher Detergent



So what are you waiting for?!? Go ahead!  Enter those giveaways!  Enjoy the game!  I hope you win!  


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

I'm sure you've heard by now that Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, passed away today at the age of 56 following a battle with cancer.  If you've read any of the news reports today, you may have read this quote, but I wanted to share it because it's absolutely where the Hubby and I are in our lives right now.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for the work you did in pioneering so many advances in technology.  And thank you even more for the words you spoke in 2005 that just spoke volumes to my heart.  You will be missed.

Wordless Wednesday: The difference between boys and girls

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Green Giveaway Event Sponsor Spotlight: Tropical Traditions

If you've been a part of My This N That Life for more than, say, 5 minutes, you'll remember that a few weeks ago I reviewed Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions not long ago.

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is delicious!  It cooks very nicely.  It's natural.  I love it!  It's great for cooking just about anything, which is something I've been doing a lot of lately!  

The trouble is, when I do a lot of cooking, there's also a lot of...well, clean-up.

(Yep, that's a sink full of dishes, and I'm not done cooking yet!  If you look closely, you can see the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil in a pan of hot water in my sink!)

About a year and a half ago, shortly after I stopped working full time and became a full time stay at home mom, we decided that some certain health symptoms would be reduced by purchasing a portable dishwasher so I wouldn't have to stand at the sink for hours every day washing dishes (thank you, Hubby).  We've been through a variety of different brand powder, generic powder, generic liquid...and finally settled on a name brand liquid, which we've been purchasing for the last several months.  It has seemed to be our best option, even though I hate the price and I hate the strong chemical smell when I am adding it to the dishwasher!

Tropical Traditions offered to partner with me for a review of their Powdered Dishwasher Detergent

I'm not going to lie--I was concerned about using another powdered detergent because the last one we used left a white residue on ALL our dishes, some of which has not come off after months of re-washing!  I hated the idea that we'd have to go through that again, but I also have this weird love of trying new versions of products I haven't been in love with in the past.

Here's the thing about Tropical Traditions Powdered Dish Detergent, though: I love it!  We've been using it for several days now, and since I feed 3 meals a day to 4-5 people, depending on the meal, I run the dishwasher nightly (or sometimes more).  So, we've run quite a few loads.  There has not been a haze of white on anything!  ALL of my dishes, even some that normally would have needed a second run-through, have come out sparkling clean!  It's working better than my normal name brand liquid!
I don't know how you'll feel about this, but I find that manufacturers tend to over-estimate the amount of detergent you'll need when washing...anything.  So, whether it's my laundry or my dishes, I tend to cut the amount about in half.  With my previous brand name liquid detergent, I was having to use the full amount, but with Tropical Traditions Powdered Dish Detergent I am able to use about half of the suggested amount!

You'll love that Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent contains absolutely no phosphates or other toxic materials like chlorine!  You'll also love that it can be used in both hard and soft water.  I love that it gets my dishes sparkling clean, and I feel like I'm doing something good for my family because this is a much, MUCH more natural cleaner than I'd been using previously!

Try Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent for yourself!  You'll be so glad you made the change!  For a limited time, the 5 lb bottle of detergent, like the one I reviewed, is on sale for just $19.99!  That's a LOT of washing!

Be on the lookout, because starting tomorrow, Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent will be a featured giveaway on my blog as a part of the 50+ blog event, the much anticipated Go Green Giveaway Event!

Haven't gotten your fill of extra entries yet?  Alright, I give!  Visit Tropical Traditions and subscribe to their email newsletter OR follow @troptraditions on twitter!

Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.