About This N That

Welcome to my tiny little corner of the great big world! I spend my days with an extra special group of people doing extra special things!  You see, I'm a stay at home mama to three important munchkins, Little Lou (age 6), Bugsy (age 4), and Stinky (age 1).  Sometimes are days look "boring" to the outside world. Some things we do look "ordinary." Some days are messy. Some are grouchy. Some are lazy. I assure you, however, that we spend each and every day learning and growing!

That's right...I spend my days with my very own collection of little people. We're learning (together!) how to navigate this big world in which we live. We're learning how to be and do and try--so that one day we can all be grown-ups and become exactly who God made us to be!

Within these pages you will find our everyday adventures. You will laugh and cry with us. We hope you'll enjoy us...but most impotantly, we hope you'll learn something (about us, yourself, and our loving Heavenly father) alongside us!