Wednesday, November 20, 2013

They are my people.

I teach English. High school English. In a high school. A public high school. A HUGE public high school.

Last year, I taught English, too. High school English. In a high school. A private high school. A tiny private high school.

When I made the change this year (involuntarily), I was afraid. I wasn't "good enough" to teach at a HUGE public high school. I needed to be in my tiny private high school, where it was quiet and comfortable and encouraging and family. I wasn't ready. I wasn't capable. I wasn't comfortable.

You've heard it before, though. "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called."

I stepped one foot in front of the other and pushed out of my tiny comfort zone into the HUGE unknown, and guess what found?

I found people...young people...who need someone.  I began to realize that at the HUGE public high school, there are lots and lots of people that feel tiny. Every day. People who don't know that they're loved. Ever. People who need to know they've got a chance. That they can be somebody. That they can BE.

I found a place that breaks my heart. Every day, EVERY day, my heart breaks for my students. THEY are broken.  They are hurting. They are what the world would consider "damaged goods."

They are BEAUTIFUL, amazing people. They are bright in so many different ways. They are kind and gentle and loving. They are loud and rowdy. They are timid and tearful. They are passionate and compassionate. They are talented. They are creative. They are funny. They are remarkable.

They are worth it.

They are my people.

They are my mission.

I was placed in this HUGE public high school, at this time and place in history, for a reason.

YOU were put where you are, right now, this minute, at this place and time in history, for a reason.

YOU are somebody to somebody. I promise. You've been given a mission. If you haven't yet found it, FIND it. Seek it out. Ask God to show you why He's put you here, where you are now. Ask Him to turn your eyes to where they need to look.  There's a mission field right in front of you.

When you find it, you'll know.  It may be the hardest job you'll ever do, looking into the face of heartbreak every single day, perhaps. But you'll find it. And you'll put one foot in front of the other. And you'll walk right out of comfort. And you'll know. You'll know.

They are worth it.

They are worth it.

They are worth it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's NaBloPoMo!

Hooray!!  I can't believe it's here already!  I've been waiting for this day for over!  

That's right.  Last night I did some searching, trying to find a blogging calendar to get me "rebooted"...because I miss this SO very much and I just need to get back in the flow.  It's part of bringing HER back.

NaBloPoMo is a fun bloggy challenge, similar, I suppose, to NaNoWriMo (where writers or wannabe writers write a novel in November).  There's a calendar of writing prompts, one for each day Monday-Friday, and then bloggers are given the weekends to write about whatever they can dream up. 



Today, of course, is November 1, and thus it's also NaBloPoMo day 1.  I am SO excited to get going!  So, without further adieu....


If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

Oh, the possibilities!  Good grief.  Where do I even begin??
Okay, so I have to spend it by nightfall, so that's limiting.  I mean...I don't have time to fund an adoption by nightfall, so that's out.  

I think I'd start by buying myself a new Ford Expedition, because I really do miss mine.  (Weird way to start, right?)  

I'd buy a bigger house.  Nothing crazy, but you know, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths would be divine!
(Let's get all fancy and say this is $200K.)

I think I'd leave my furniture and buy all new.  We'll call that another $5K or so.

Because I'm a wonderful wife, I'd buy my husband the big truck he's always wanted ($40K) and the travel trailer we really want ($60K).

I'd book a Disney vacation for my family.  We'll do a nice resort, food, souvenirs ($5K).

AND I have around $650K left to spend.  Geez.  I'm not even good at this!

I can't keep it, so I'll probably blow another $25K on replacing ALL of our clothes, computers, material goods in general.  ($25K)

I'll give $50K to each set of parents and each sibling.  ($150K)

That leaves me with roughly $375K, if I'm doing the math correctly.

I'll split that 3 ways...$125K each to my kids' school, our church, and Show Hope.

Whew!  I'm tired from all this spending!  What a trip!  (Also, if you're feeling like throwing a quick mil my way, I'm SO up for it...and now I even have a spending plan!  Volunteers??)


Well that was fun!  Can't wait to write tomorrow!