Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember this sweet story?  In case you've forgotten, the gist of it is that a little boy loves his stuffed rabbit SO much that it eventually is worn an tattered, parts are falling off, worthless in the eyes of others.  The boy never stops loving his rabbit, though.  Eventually, when it was time for the rabbit to be thrown in the trash can, the rabbit became real! It's a sweet little story.  It's a story we can probably all relate to in some way. 

At my house, we have our very own "Velveteen Rabbit."  His name is Rover.  He's a dalmation, and Bugsy is SO in love with him we don't go many places without him.  Rover came into our lives when Bugsy was just a year old and Little Lou had her tonsils removed.  He's been hanging out with us for 3 years.  He's been through everything with us!  He's successfully snuggled Bugsy through the recoveries from 4 of his 6 surgeries.  He helped Bugsy sleep at daycare.  They cuddled up a year ago when Little Lou started school.  They're best friends! 

Rover's looking a little tattered.  He's got a lot of "life" left in him, but he's also got some stains.  You can see where Bugs spilled his chocolate milk on Rover.  One of Rover's ears isn't attached the way it was originally (although it's still attached).  Rover could REALLY use a bath!

Today, though, Rover took a HUGE step toward becoming a "real dog."  Today, with his very own money, Bugsy bought a brand new leash and collar for Rover!

Bugsy is taking care of Rover's needs.  He's helping Rover "grow" into the dog he was made to be.  (And Rover is doing a mighty fine job of protecting Bugsy, too.) 

I only hope that I can be the same kind of mama to my 3 "Velveteen Rabbits" as Bugsy is a daddy to his Rover!  That's three little love bugs are going to grow up and become "real!"  They'll probably be showing the "love" by then.  They may sometimes feel a little "tattered."  But I'm hoping that someday, like Rover and that Velveteen Rabbit, I can say it's been successful.  They'll become real.  And I'll be able to step back and smile, knowing that I fulfilled MY purpose in raising them in a Godly home.


Misty said...

Aww! Way to go Bugsy! You are such an awesome daddy to Rover! And the color and leash match him perfectly! Does Rover have a hat? Or maybe some little booties to keep his paws warm during the winter? ;)

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