Monday, October 10, 2011

I woke up

I was already sitting comfortably relatively comfortably in my recliner, having finally wrestled the last of the munchkins into a dry diaper, pjs, and bed, when my goofy father posted the following as his facebook status:
Committed to "Occupy Recliner" tonight. Protesting the inconsistent message given to the world by microwave ovens and rotary phones. Will be protesting for several hours tonight. You can join me in your own recliner... or rocker... or on your couch! O-C-C-U-P-Y.... O-C-C-U-P-Y!
I giggled, and then responded: 
  I have joined the Occupy Recliner team, but will probably be a deserter here in a few minutes. I have laundry and dishes to do...unless the washing machine and dishwasher are also sending inconsistent messages?? 
I told myself I was justified.  I told myself it'd been a long day.  The kids had been good, but it was grocery day.  Enough said.  And to top it all off, when I woke up this morning...
Yes, I gasped.  Audibly.  Because friends, I woke up this morning.  I have been living and breathing this entire day.  And thanks to my recent conversations with the Hubby, I was instantly convicted, got up off my backside, washed dishes, started laundry and put away the remainder of the laundry that was littering the livingroom.  I straightened the living room and cleared the dinner dishes off the dinner table.  
You see, Hubby and I have been talking about purpose and meaning lately.  We've discussed on several occasions recently how if you're still living and breathing, God's still got a plan for you.  As long as you wake up in the morning, you're not finished yet.
Do you know I'm a missionary?  I am.  My mission field?  It's small.  Most of them are tucked cozily into their beds right now.  One of them is finishing up class in another town half an hour away, but he'll be home soon, too.  And those four crazies depend on me, every day, to show them God's love right here in our home.  I'm sure He's got some other plans in the works for me, but right now, God's put me here in this place with these people.  
So, friends, back to what I was saying.  This morning, I woke up achy.  My new meds (or something) kept me up until well after midnight last night.  My body hurt.  My legs have been weak and achy all day.  But they still work.  My vision has been a little more cloudy today than it has been the last couple weeks, but I can still see.  My left arm hurts from Saturday's injection.  But friends, I am still here.  I am still alive.  God has blessed me with yet another day.  He's not finished using me just yet.  And as long as I continue to wake up each morning, I will praise Him.  I will do everything I can to be a blessing to those around me, including especially those 4 people with whom I have been entrusted for this time.
Thank you, Jesus, for one more day.  Thank you for giving me life and breath.  I will give it back to You!


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