Monday, April 18, 2011

Referral Contest!


So, I hear you like free stuff!  Well, guess what!  I like when people vote for me!

You've already got UNLIMITED EXTRA ENTRIES for all of my April giveaways.

You've already got TEN EXTRA ENTRIES on any ONE giveaway if you write your own blog post with a link to vote for me and email me a link at  (No one has done this yet, by the way.)

But that's not enough?!?  Apparently not!

So, starting RIGHT now, through NOON EST on Friday, I'm hosting a referral contest!  I know the voting won't be over yet, but I am afraid they'll take the link down Friday night and I won't be able to count referrals!

It's going to be on your honor.  I trust you, readers...and I can see how the numbers are moving.  So, you get a point for yourself when you vote.  And then, you get a point for each person you refer to vote!  You need to comment on THIS post that you have voted.  (Leave your FB username as well.  If you have already voted, you can still do this.)  Then each person you refer will need to comment on the VOTING PAGE with your name!


Alright, so what will you win??  The top referrer will win their CHOICE of either a $5 amazon e-gift card (US or Canada) OR a $25 e-gift card!  And, for kicks...a runner-up will get the other!

On your marks, get set, GO!


Andrea G. said...

Oh! I had no idea we could blog! I missed that somehow... I'll write a post right now.

a_stro at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth said...

I put on fb that you would get a surprise...but didn't say what. ;-) Have you blogged yet? Be sure to send me an email when you do!

lydiasgt said...

I have voted for you and I referred a friend, Patty, who voted as well.

Elizabeth said... are the only one who commented that you'd voted...AND the only one who had a friend name you in their you win! I'll email you.

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