Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy April, everyone!

You've noticed, I'd sure, that I've been absent this week.  It's been crazy busy and I've been trying to keep my head from spinning!  Not only have I been living a crazy life this week, but I've been preparing for our Earth Month promotion!  I've got tons of great stuff lined up for this month, so I hope you're ready!

I have a review and/or giveaway planned for each day, Monday through Friday, for the month of April!  Sadly, though, some of the products are still en route.  Therefore, I will begin with just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and as more items make their way, I'll fill them back in.

(I'll be throwing in some less eco-friendly items here and there...bear with me.  This is my first "event" and scheduling got a little haywire!)

Good luck!  I hope you all win something awesome!


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