Friday, April 15, 2011

UNLIMITED extra entries!

That's right.  Unlimited.

Because I'm generous?  Sure.

Because I love my readers?  Absolutely!

Because I'm desperate?  *kicks the ground*  Maybe a tad...

Here's the deal.  I am a candidate for a position at a dream job!  The first round "interview" is, in essence, a virtual popularity contest.  I'm pretty popular here in bloggyland, right?  But alas, you all aren't voting, so I've decided to up the ante and offer extra entries!  (I read the rules.  Twice.  There's nothing that says I can't do this!)

So, here you go: Click here and vote.  (You may to refresh for it to load.)  Leave a comment on the voting page telling me you did.  You can have an extra entry into EVERY open contest and EVERY contest posted through the end of April...just use "hopscout" as your extra entry!

Now, for the unlimited part....for every friend you get to vote...EVERY can have another entry into each of the above mentioned contests!  Your friends need to follow that same link (it's can even share it to facebook or twitter...there's a link on the voting page!) and they'll need to comment that you sent them!  Then you come here, tell me "I referred so-and-so" for your extra entries!  You refer 100 get 100 entries into EACH open contest and EACH contest I post before the end of the month!

Just an FYI...I've got 3 more diapers coming...some diaper friendly laundry more!  You'll want to jump on board!

I hope you enjoy the extra entries as much as I will enjoy seeing the numbers fly up!  Thanks so much for voting for me!