Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have you ever been hacked?

I haven't used my hotmail account for anything other than Windows Live Messenger for probably 3 years.  I haven't cancelled the account, because I still use it for messenger, but I haven't even logged into the actual email side.

A few minutes ago, I got a note from one of my aunts, "I just got a freaky email from you in my inbox.  From your hotmail address."

Heart pounding.

Sweat pouring.

Cold.  Freezing cold.

I have never been hacked before.  I've always been nervous about it, but it's never happened.  I {almost} panicked.  I froze.  I tried to log into the account but it had been blocked!  Emails, text messages, tech support later, the issue is the computer, at least.

Me?  Still cold.  (I get cold when I'm nervous.)  Confused about how that would happen with an old, unused account.  Wondering whether I can delete the email portion of the account without deleting the messenger portion.

A little curious about what was in the freaky email, too...but not so curious that I am going to open one of the 8 copies that I received back in my email.  Nope.  I'm curious, but not stupid.

So, if you received a freaky email from me, please accept my apologies and understand that it really wasn't from me at all.  Thank you, hotmail, for blocking my account to suspend any more "suspicious activity."

And friends, change your passwords.  Regularly.

End of rant.


Gianna said...

I've had the odd problem (not just once but several times) with several different email addresses that have the same main name. Apparently I chose a popular one because so many have used it to open myspace, facebook and other social networking accounts using it. I was really irritated at first but after the first time it happened I found out I could request the password and delete the whole profile on the social network! The first time it was a band who actually had the nerve to write me an email back apologizing and I never responded. I still check them every once in a while for any activity just in case. My friends though have had the problem with getting their emails/social networks hacked with the problem you had and I always let them know right away so no one falls for it.

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