Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RearZ...some of the softest gear for your baby's rear! Review and Giveaway!

I don't know a lot about fitted diapers.  We only have a few, and I'm not "good" at them yet.  I don't know how long Stinky should be able to wear one without a cover or a change.  I don't know (exactly) how they're "supposed" to fit.  I DO know that I like the way they breathe.  I like that Stinky's booty gets a "break" in fitteds.  If you know his rash history, I'm sure you'd agree that his little rear could use a vacation!

The Scoop

I was recently offered the opportunity by RearZ to review one of their French Velour Fitted diapers!  I've been eyeballing these babies for a while now, and was super excited to be able to give one a trial run!  I was attracted to the soft look of the diapers and their patent-pending V snap design, which is unlike anything I've ever seen!  (Please forgive the randomness of rafflecopter.  I can't get the widget to move to the end of my post today, for some reason!)

The Good

The V snaps.  I'll start with those right off the bat.  I was worried about that, to be honest.  Snaps on diapers are supposed to go straight across, or so I thought.  I wasn't sure about the part of the design that left one snap per side, either.  I'm always concerned about wing droop, and I was SURE a single snap wouldn't be enough.  I was SO wrong, though!  I'm very impressed with the way the diaper hugs Stinky's backside!  I think the way the wings wrap around to reach those V snaps makes it an even tighter fit around his little rear!  I've never once had a bit of wing droop with this diaper!

The absorbency.  These suckers can hold a LOT!  Like I said before, I'm not really sure how long Stinky should be able to wear a fitted diaper without a cover or a change.  In the RearZ French Velour Fitted, though, Stinky's good to go for at least a couple hours.  Even if he's recently eaten or had a full cup of liquid, he's still got a couple hours before I need to worry that furniture is going to get wet.  When the diaper IS wet on the outside, it's damp, not sopping.

The comfort.  I haven't asked Stinky, but I think he likes the softness of the RearZ French Velour Fitted diaper. (Even if I did ask, he'd shake his head "no."  He doesn't quite get the yes/no thing yet.)  He does like to "pet" this diaper before I put it on him, though.

The construction.  Not only is the RearZ very well made, but it's organic certified!  I like that.  A lot.  I know maybe it's silly (especially coming from a reformed sposie-mom!), but I really like the idea of the products touching my baby's skin being pure and toxin-free!  RearZ does a great job of this!

The fit.  It doesn't get much more trim than this!  The RearZ French Velour could rival...and probably even surpass...any disposable out there for trimness!  Not only that, but the front rise is higher than I see on most diapers, which is GREAT for a heavy wetting boy like Stinky!

The Bad

The gap.  Do you see it?  It's right there in the front.  Maybe it's user error, but when I fasten the RearZ French Velour Fitted onto Stinky, there is always a huge gap at his belly.  I've tried folding the fabric down and tucking it in, but I can't make it comfortable for him that way.  As much as I LOVE the V snaps in the front, I think they make for a funny "pull" in the fabric.  It hasn't effected the performance yet, but I always worry that it will!

The Outcome

I really like the RearZ French Velour Fitted diaper!  Although I was concerned about the V snap pattern (and do still have some issues with it), overall this diaper is GREAT and has suited Stinky very well!  It looks and feels comfy.  It's absorbent and TRIM under clothes!  For only $10 a piece, these diapers are WELL worth the cost!  I'd recommend adding at least a couple to your stash!

The Giveaway

Doesn't your little one's rear deserve some new gear?  RearZ thinks so!  They'd love to share a French Velour Fitted with one of my lucky readers!  Will it be you?

As always, I was given this diaper at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review, but was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thanks, RearZ!  Love the diaper!


Dani said...

What a cutie! I don't see any giveaway instructions/rules but I'd love to win!

Dani said...
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Melissa E. said...

I really like the couture covers

edz.mels at yahoo dot com

Leobean said...

Thanks for the review! I've been considering some of these diapers. And a free one is even better :)

Amanda said...

How do we enter? I don't see a form or anything.....
tvpg at aol dot com

Jen Crum said...

I want to try the Smitten Rearz.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, guys...somehow it floated up to the top and I can't get it to come back down! It's up near the top of the post. Rafflecopter.

ticklemetiffyyyy said...

wasnt sure if you meant here but I think the Smitten looks so squishy soft and the XL comes with added layers of absorbency!!!

mojoraven said...

I like the Smitten diapers in the bright colors.

MamaHunfy said...

I love the Smitten Fitted!

hun423 at hotmail.com

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