Friday, December 16, 2011

...speaking of potty training... (Potette Review and Giveaway)

If you've ever potty trained a toddler, you know that they're unpredictable.  Sometimes they refuse to use the potty for days, and then all of a sudden they have to go RIGHT. NOW.  Sometimes when they have to go, you're at home.  Sometimes you're at the grocery store.  Sometimes you're driving down the road in the middle of nowhere with no bathrooms for miles!

Kalencom has a great solution for the "I gotta go!" emergency.  I'd like to introduce you to the 2 in 1 Potette Plus, a portable trainer and potty seat, and its accessory, the disposable portable potty liner!

The Potette Plus is a really neat little folding potty seat.  It comes with a plastic carrying bag to make it portable!  The legs of the potty seat fold up into the seat, making it just a could inches high.  It can easily be thrown into the back seat of your car, into the diaper bag, even into a large purse!  The legs also fold out, so the Potette Plus can be used on top of a regular toilet, either at home or in a public restroom!

When we first received the Potette Plus, Stinky was super excited to sit on it.  What a fun new toy, and all for him!  Then, after a couple weeks, he accidentally peed in a different potty chair 3 times.  (Yes, I said accidentally.  It scared him!  He cried.)  He's been a little afraid to even try the potty for the last week or so, until yesterday, when he suddenly took an interest again, but to the big potty.

 While he was brushing his teeth on the toilet (doesn't everyone?) Bugsy had to go.  NOW.  You see, it's not just when they're potty training that they have to go immediately, but well into their preschool years.  So when Bugs had to go NOW, I pulled out the handy dandy Potette Plus!  (Ah, for another bathroom...)  The Potette Plus worked perfectly!  Bugsy's 4, so he doesn't have those super short toddler legs anymore, and it was a little harder for him to actually sit on the Potette Plus, but it worked great in a pinch!  Bugsy was a little unsure about using a baby potty, until I told him I wanted to take a picture of his pee.

The disposable potty liners have an absorbent padding in the bottom to catch the pee.  This would be great for traveling, as you wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to immediately dispose of the bag of urine! 

Just remove the bag, tie it up, and toss it in the trash can at your destination!  Easy as pie!

There are a couple of things I'd love to see improved with the Potettee Plus.  I'd love to see a higher "splash guard" for little boys.  Bugsy didn't have a problem, but he's been using the potty for quite some time and knows how to make sure his pee goes into the potty.  I anticipate Stinky having a bit of trouble with that at first.

The other thing I'd love to see is reusable potty liners!  I think it'd be GREAT if there were snap in liners that went into a washable bag!  That may not be the most convenient way to do it, but for cloth diapering mamas, it would be a nice improvement.  A PUL lined bag with a snap in liner would be great!

I really like the Potette Plus!  It's great for travel and for an extra potty seat around the house!  I love that it can be used on the floor or on the toilet!  It's really adaptable to your situation.  The Potette Plus is a great asset to our potty training line-up!

Oh, and after Stinky saw his big brother having a "go" on his Potette Plus, he needed off the toilet and onto "mine potty!" right now!

You can purchase your own Potette Plus from Kalencom (or several other fine retailers) for just $16 and liners for $5-$12!  It's a great deal for such a versatile potty!

Interested in winning your own potty seat?  Here's your chance!  Kalencom has offered to give a Potette Plus to one of my lucky readers!  Enter below using the easy Rafflecopter form! 

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