Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who is the author of your book?

My friend Sarah just posted this as (part of) her Facebook status:
 Logan says to me today "Who is the author of your book?" I replied with his name; then he says "who is the illustrator?"
So here I sit, stuck in thought.  You see, I got all tangled up right there in that first question, "Who is the author of your book?"
 Who is the author of your book? 
This is, unfortunately a question that doesn't cross my mind very often.  I mean, I have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books in my house.  No exaggeration.  In fact, were it not for all those books, I would probably have room to put in a second bathroom.  That's not the kind of book I'm stuck in, though.  
I'm stuck in MY book.  MY story.  Stuck wondering who is really the author.  I want to say that God is my author.  I want to say that MY book is a biography.  You know, a book someone else is writing about me.  (A good one, too, with lots and lots of humor, great attitudes, tons of friendliness, and a taste of grace and mercy thrown in where it's needed.)  
The thing is, though, that I'm afraid my book's often a bit more of an autobiography.  You know, a book about me.  One I'm writing myself.  A lousy one, that no one will ever read.  A disappointing, sorry excuse for a story.
It's true, though.  I want to hand over the pen.  I want to let God write my story.  The WHOLE thing.  Oh, He's already written the introduction.  And I know he's already written the epilogue.  But all those chapters in between?  Well, we've been fighting over authorship for quite some time now.  Maybe forever.  But that's not what I want.  I want to just let go.  I want to just let God write the whole story.
The illustrator, though?  I think that's all me.  You see, I think it's okay if I do some of the fancy work.  Some of the handiwork.  In fact, I think God wants me to get down and dirty, to pull out the water colors and markers and chalk and make my story beautiful.  I'm pretty sure that's what He had in mind when he started writing my story.
Who is the author of YOUR book? 
Lord, I'm done fighting over who is going to write my story.  The pen is yours.  Take it.  Write my story.  I'll be here with my paints and markers, ready to make the pages beautiful and add my own little spin, but I'd like for you to take over the writing.  I'm sorry for all the times I've taken the pen from you.  I'm sorry for all the times I've tried to write my own chapters.  Thank you for always knowing what you've got in mind for the next page, though.  The next one, and every one after that, is yours.  Write away, Lord, write away!


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This caught my eye this morning as I was going through my emails. Amen!!!

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