Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Find your "born to!"

It's Wednesday and this week has already been about 12 days long.  Ever had one of those weeks?  So today when the kids suggested we spend the 80 degree evening playing in the sprinkler, I agreed that was a good idea!  We finished dinner and headed outside to dust off the sprinkler!

Stinky was very unsure about the water at first.

(I love his new "nervous" face.)

Bugs fulfilled his big-brother duties by pushing Stinky right into the water.

And sometimes dragging him into the water.

Eventually Stinky warmed up to the sprinkler.

And Bugsy?  Bugsy, as he streaked across the yard, shouted at the top of his lungs, "Mom!  I feel like this is what I was BORN to do!"

Friends, we were all born to do something.  Maybe that "born to" is different today than it was yesterday.  Maybe you haven't found it yet.  Maybe you can see it, but you just haven't quite figured out how to make it work yet.  You were born to do something, though.  Find your "born to."  Dust it off.  Hook it up.  Head on out to the back yard and have fun!  

You were BORN to do it!


Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

Awesome thought, Elizabeth! What if ALL OF THESE THINGS are the things we're born to do?


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