Friday, June 1, 2012


Last night I was watching ignoring a television show while I was printing some things for my kids.  I don't know what was happening on the show or have any idea who the characters are supposed to be, but one line caught my attention.  One lady said to another lady something along the lines of, "Maybe this crazy mixed up path has taken you exactly where you were supposed to be anyway." 


Today I had to make a trip out of town.  It was only a 30 minute drive each way (or so it was supposed to be).  I've made the drive before.  I knew exactly where I was going, when to turn, how long it would take, what to watch for.  I knew there'd been construction along the way, so I would likely have a slight delay.  I didn't count on the road being closed halfway to my destination.  I was in a different town that I don't really frequent.  When I drive that path, I am always going the same place, and I never stray from my planned route.  I tried to look up new directions on my iPod, but someone forgot to charge it again.  I didn't know what to do!  

I called my husband, who gave me great directions (I'm sure).  When I tried to follow them, though, I found another road that was closed.  I turned another direction and finally found a detour.  I tell you what, though, that was the strangest detour I've ever driven.  It wound around, in and out of town, through the country, behind a school.  It took me by some gorgeous houses that I've never seen before and could likely never find again.  It took me over a river (I think) and twisted and turned until I started to think, "Am I even on the right road?"

I was, and as suddenly as I'd become "lost" on the detour, I was "found" again.  I turned west and headed on...and hit a road closed sign.  People, I'd turned right, because I thought I was still on the same side of the road, but somewhere along the way, I'd crossed the road on that detour.  I turned around and before long I was at my destination, no(t much) worse for the wear.


In this life, my friends, there WILL be twists and turns.  There WILL be detours.  I promise there will be days (weeks, months) when you'll wonder, "Am I even on the right road?"  

Keep pressing on.

Keep watching the signs.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Look at a road map if you need to!

In the end, trust that the path you're following, the one with all those "detour" signs, really is leading in the right direction and you really aren't on a wild goose chase to nowhere.

God has a plan for your life.  It may not be the plan you've designed for your life.  It may not look like you thought it would.  It may be that the path you've always taken just isn't leading where it's always lead.  That's okay!  Sometimes we have to take the detours or we won't see the gorgeous houses in the country.  

Sometimes you'll make wrong turns and have to turn around.  Sit still a moment.  Regroup.  Calm down.  You'll get back on the right road in a moment.

Follow God, even if it doesn't look exactly like you thought it would.  I have a feeling before long, you'll be saying to yourself,  "Maybe this crazy mixed up path has taken you exactly where you were supposed to be anyway." 


Dear God, help me to be patient in Your detours.  Help me to follow the signs and keep my eyes open to the beauty of my surroundings as I go.  Help me not to be afraid or nervous when the path doesn't take me exactly where I thought it would go.  Help me to remember that from time to time my path may be crazy and mixed up, and perhaps my destination isn't even where I thought it would be, but that as long as I am following your path, it'll lead me exactly where I was supposed to go.


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