Friday, June 29, 2012

On my heart

I have been observing teens these last few months and my heart simply breaks for them.  I am truly, truly saddened by the hardships I see them facing each day and the ways in which I see them reacting.

The last couple of weeks I've switched my focus ever-so-slightly and have been observing their interactions with their parents as well.  What a window into the souls of those youth!  How heartbreaking!  

I am amazed and appalled to discover that so often the behaviors of the teens are simply mimicking what they're learning in their homes (and here I was thinking it was other teens that were the problem)!

And so I am left to wonder, do you suppose that if we teach our youth to be respectful, loving people that their parents will follow suit?

Friends, I have found that I love those teens desperately with a passion I cannot begin to describe.  I always have, but I had forgotten.  I need to remember.  What a heavy burden I'm holding in my heart right now.  

Pray that I find exactly the right way to be in their lives so I can help them feel and learn love!

What's laying heavy on your heart today?  How can I pray for you?


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