Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Potty Time!!

A hundred million years ago, when I was a little girl, my parents’ good friends also had a little girl.  Her name was Rachel and she was as precious of a friend to me as her parents were to mine.  I remember cookouts and bonfires and Toss-Across.  I remember countless hours of fun, often way too late into the evening.  I remember listening to Rachel’s daddy play his keyboard.  And I remember that Rachel couldn’t hear me.   Rachel’s parents became huge advocates for the deaf community, founding an amazing organization called Silent Blessings and being a blessing to more people than they will ever know!

During our growing up years I had my first experience with sign language as a form of communication and it has always fascinated me.  Perhaps it’s because I am a lover of the written and spoken word.  Maybe it’s because I have just always been a talker.  Perhaps it was really preparation for the job I would have raising my boys one day.   Whatever its purpose or motivation, I cannot begin to describe my gratefulness for organizations that promote communication in those that can’t quite find the words themselves!

One such organization is Two Little Hands Productions.  You may have heard of Signing Time.  It is a really neat set of videos and resources that incorporate sign and the spoken word.  I love that the videos give a voice to children who don’t have words, and at the same time open the ears of those with words to “hear” their non-speaking (and often non-hearing) counterparts!  My kids have always loved Signing Time videos.  I love the catchy tunes as well, and I love being able to pick up some simple sign myself!

Two Little Hands has another program as well: Potty Time!   Potty Time is an excellent video for use during potty training! 

Now, I know that a lot of you are EC (elimination communication) believers.  Guess what!  Potty Time is PERFECT for you!  Before your little one can talk, he will be able to sign to you that he needs to go!  You’ll still have to watch his body language, of course, but pretty soon he’ll have signs, and maybe even before he can talk he’ll be letting you know when he needs to go!

I know, too, that some of you are “go with the flow-ers.”   You may have tried potty training and it wasn’t successful, or you just follow your little one’s lead from the beginning.   She doesn’t seem interested yet, so  you’re not pushing it.  She’ll be ready when she’s ready.

Some of you, like me, have toddlers that walk and talk (and climb everything) and sometimes tell you they’ve pottied in their diapers.  You’re desperate to be rid of the diapers (even the adorable cloth ones) and are trying to get into the potty training routine.

No matter what your feelings on the potty training process, Potty Time is the perfect addition to your “line-up!”  Before he can talk, Potty Time will teach him the signs.  If she’s not interested yet, Potty Time will help her get excited about it.  If he’s already got the words and the “moves” for pottying, Potty Time will re-enforce the Potty process!

At my house, not only does 28 month old Stinky love the Potty Time video and get into the dancing and signing, but his (almost) 5 year old brother adores the videos, too!  In fact, Bugsy often says things like, “I need to listen to my body!” before running to the potty!

If you haven’t heard of Potty Time yet, you should look into it.  You’ll be impressed by the video and your kids will have lots of fun singing and signing along!  Potty Time is very worth the price!

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