Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My awesome job

The other day I told you about my awesome new job at my kids' school.  What an amazing opportunity, even though it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for or dreaming of when I set out to find a job.  I love being in the building with my kids, checking in on Bugsy each day at lunch, working school hours...

And tomorrow is my last day.

All of our last day.

Monday I'm starting a new new job!  It was less than ideal, the way it all came about.  It was less than ideal, putting in my 2 week notice just 2 weeks into a new job.  Tomorrow will make the 1 month anniversary of my first day at work...and it'll be my last day at work.  

Monday I will put all my fears, all my worries aside, and step into a new classroom.

And this time, I'll be the teacher.  The real, honest to goodness teacher!  The English Teacher.  My dream.  My plan for ever and ever and ever, ever since I was in 1st grade and they asked me what I wanted to do.  


I'm ready...and I'm SO not ready!

I can't wait...and I can.  

I can't wait to tell you all about this amazing new journey!


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