Monday, January 21, 2013

You call it lazy. I call it...

The Day The Hamper Was Empty for Five Hours In A Row!

Yep.  6pm.  After dinner.  The only one of my children that is dressed (somewhat) is the one that insisted on dressing himself...twice...because he found his favorite outfit and then his favoriter outfit.

I am pretty sure that the only time the older 2 children have spent away from this couch today has been for meals (and the occasional time out).  I'm pretty sure that I'm okay with that.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be up late tonight prepping for school tomorrow since I didn't do it over the weekend.

I'm pretty sure I feel more rested after this 3-day weekend than I did at the end of a 2-week Christmas break.

The weekend, though?  We had an actual weekend.  The kind where everyone is home and you sleep in (hey, 7:00 IS sleeping in), and you laze around for the morning, then mobilize the troops and do fun stuff together.  The kind of weekend where Mamaw comes and brings a little bit of Mamaw-land with her, and you throw away responsibility for a little while and keep the kids up way past bedtime so they can look at the stars.  

The Planetarium at Ball State University

The kind of weekend where you get up and make pancakes and eggs for your family while they sleep and watch movies, and everyone is full of food and family and fun.  

That kind of weekend.

I'm going to miss this weekend.

I love this weekend!

The Hubby has 3 1/2 months of school left.  That's all.  That's all?  That's all!  And then?  And then.  Weekends, if we're lucky.  We're praying for weekends.  We're hoping for weekends.  We're longing for weekends.

Would you pray for our family?  It's been a LONG 3 years, but it's almost over.  As we journey through the home stretch, please pray for God's direction in finding a job for The Hubby.  Please pray for patience for all of us.  (We're all feeling the length of the ride right now.)  Please pray for us as we, once again, figure out what it's like to all live in the house at the same time and not just when we're passing each other on the way out the door.

However you can, please pray for our transitions these next few months!


We LOVE weekends! 

How do you spend your weekends?


Jen Crum said...

Weekends are our active times. If we're going on an adventure during a week it's usually on Saturday... and we like to go on adventures, so we go out a lot on the weekends. Most of our "relaxing" happens on weeknights (not Wednesday though).
I'm glad you got some good rest and some good family time.

fertility diet said...

Nice post! Glad that you got some time with your family. Weekends for me means home, family and leisure. During the weekends, we usually spend time together with my family and make some bonding moments. Great share!!!

My Brave True Hero said...

After a long week days of stressful day job, I spend my weekend with my mom and sometimes we go out on the beach to forget all the stress of the office.

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