Monday, November 22, 2010


Unfortunately my kids have been taking turns being sick (or being stinkers!) for several weeks now.  This translates to less computer time for their momma and therefore less blogging!  As you can see, I promised a daily blog and...well...nearly a month later here I am again.  I am sorry!

So, starting today, I WILL make time each day.  More than likely, my kids will still get fed, my laundry will still be clean, my dishes will still be loaded into the dishwasher and pulled out when I need them, and the kids will still be bathed and put to bed on time.  I'll just have to force myself to carve out a little time in each day. I actually think I'm going to write out a daily shedule for myself...I need to get some exercise in there, too!

I'm back, folks.  I'm back and better than ever!  ;)


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