Monday, November 22, 2010

Pumpkin Craft!

We love making things at our house!  Messes, memories...crafts...  Here is one of the crafts we made the other day.  The kids were really excited to do a project with toilet paper!  You wouldn't believe how happy they are to make simple projects with everyday items!

It was the easiest project ever.  I cut strips of scrapbook paper ahead of time in various shades of browns and oranges.

The kids crumpled their own paper strips and straightened them back out.  They thought this part was especially fun!  They aren't in the habit of wadding up their projects before they even put them together!

After the papers were flattened out again, we wrapped them around rolls of toilet paper.  This was just a bit more difficult for the kids than I anticipated!  I had to help a lot.

We used the cheapest tp we could find...$1 for 4 rolls.

I pre-cut rectangles of brown paper and leaf-shaped green patterned paper. 

The kids rolled the stems and I helped them place the stems and leaves.  They turned out great!  You can see from this picture that Thing 1 did hers all by herself.  She's in kindergarten, though, so she thinks she can do everything by herself now!

Like I said, we LOVE making things!  These have been fun decorations for the last couple weeks.  It's nearly time to take down the "fallish" decorations to make room for more Christmas-y things.  Since fall is my very favorite season (and we really haven't seen nearly enough fall weather) it makes me a bit sad to think about it.  We'll be working on some winter projects soon, though!  You'll need to check back each day.  I'll be posting daily about our shenanigans here!  We have a great time!


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