Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for the campout!

My kids are silly, creative, loud, and BORED! 

We "moved" into my parents' house on Monday evening and we came home this evening, but in the meantime they've been out of their element, away from their toys and friends, and generally bored since Monday evening.  More than likely we'll be home the rest of the week and Little Lou may not have school, but she'll have her toys...her Squinkies and Barbies and Polly Pockets...Bugs will have his fire trucks and GeoTrax and Tonka cars, and Stinky will have his own bed and freedom to roam!  We've really appreciated the welcome and hospitality here, but it is sure be nice to be back where we "belong."

Did I mention my kids are creative?  Sometimes I think imagination has died, and then we have a snow day or two!  Wow.  Today they were playing "Heaven," a game I didn't understand at all.  Yesterday, however, they were playing "Hamburger."  I totally understood that one!  Does it make sense to you?

This game lasted at least a good 20 minutes.  They took turns being on the bottom.  Then it turned into body slamming and mommy made them stop.  ;-)

Stinky was bored, too.  It's rough when you're a little guy and you're not in your own home!  Nana's house has lots of THINGS.  Mommy got tired of chasing after him taking those things, so he was mostly confined to the playpen or the walker.  He's been watching the big kids, though, so we caught him doing this:

We had a fun time "camping out" at Nana and Poppy's house!  The highlights of the days were "watching all those movies," "playing Squinkies with Poppy," and "all that food," according to my family.  Thanks so much for your hospitality!

In case you were skeptical about whether the weather was really that bad, Here's what was on our van when we came home:

That ice is a good 2 inches thick!  Yikes!  It was one solid sheet from door to door, back windshield to front fender.  Want to know how my hubby got it off the van?

Yes, that is a hammer in his hand!  He pounded the ice!

We stayed warm and safe throughout the storm  We had power, heat, plenty to eat and some fun, too!  Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe and for giving us family with whom we could pass the time!  We were grateful for the shelter, but we're happy to be home now!


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