Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We love learning!

I realized last night that I never wrote about this week's progress with Stepping Stones Together!  I don't know how that managed to slip by!  I'm sorry for the delay.

We've been using the program most days.  It's still great!  Bugsy still really enjoys it.  He's doing great!  The other boys ask him to read to them now.  (Of course, 3 weeks in, my 3 year old isn't reading independently, but they all think he is!)  Today he even asked to read the book an extra time!  Of course I let him.  The 5 year old I babysit has become jealous of the Bug's reading program.  I had been using a different program with him, but he wants to do the same one.  It's certainly making my mornings take longer, but we're adapting!

As a part of the program, the child is supposed to choose his own book every other day.  We've done that up until this week, when I decided to build "units" around the books.  I happened to remember a homeschool site I'd used before, Homeschool Creations.  I was really excited, because this week there's a new unit, Transportation, and we were reading Pal the Plane from the transportation books!  I decided that we'd start a transportation unit, so I have the Stepping Stones Together transportation curriculum and the Homeschool Creations transportation curriculum printed out and we're using both!  They work perfectly together!  We've been able to reinforce the reading we're doing together with writing practice, matching words and pictures, etc. 

We've also been doing science projects from a great book lately.  The book, from Touch of Home Learning, is called 60 Quick and Easy Science Experiments.  This book is GREAT!  You'll hear more about it on Friday (if you've been around a while you know what that means), but today I discovered there are a couple of transportation/simple machine experiments in the book!  So, guess what we'll be adding to our "curriculum!"

We LOVE the Stepping Stones Together reading program!  Bugsy isn't reading yet, but he can repeat the entire book back to me word for word.  He corrects the other boy when he "reads" the wrong words.  His fine motor skills are improving, too, as he draws pictures, tries to write his name, and colors each box to show he's "completed" a book!

Thanks, Stepping Stones Together, for a great product!


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Thanks so much for the mention, Elizabeth. I hope that you all have fun using the unit! :)

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