Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Confession

It's Valentines Day and I have a confession to make. 

I wait for him in eager anticipation every day.  I watch for him.  I listen for his truck to pull up.  When he arrives, I get up out of my chair, come in from the kitchen, leave the laundry unfolded in its basket, and open the door for him before he gets to it.  I greet him with a smile and a kind word. 

I can hear your collective "awwwwww."

The trouble is, that's how I greet the "package man."  That's right.  It doesn't matter if he's the FedEx man, the UPS man, or the mailman.  They get the same warm friendly greeting, no matter what sort of day I'm having!

My husband gets a nice greeting, too, though.  If it's been a good day, I greet him from my chair or the kitchen or the laundry room with something ewwy-gooey, like, "Hey there."  If it's been a bad day, I greet him with something more like, "Would you please put your bottom on the couch!  Oh, hi.  Sorry about the yelling."  Sometimes I even remember to smile...or at least not scowl.

I was thinking about that this morning as I was waiting for the package man.  Today he was bringing something for my hubby, but I still couldn't wait!  I was excited!  I know he comes right around noon every time.  I plan my day around it!  And as I started thinking about what I'd do in the morning in anticipation of him coming, I realized that my husband would be coming home, too. 

HE comes home EVERY DAY!  No matter if I've had a good day or a bad day.  No matter if I called and asked him to come home; no matter if I put in an "order" for him to be here on a certain day.  He always comes, every day!  And how do I greet him?  How do I treat the man that has committed to loving me every day of my life?  I glance at him, say hi, and go back to what I was doing.  Nothing special. 

He's special.  He takes great care of us!  He even took the kids all day Saturday so I could go out with a friend!  AND not only that, but he washed dishes for me...twice!  If you think THAT's great...he cleaned out the refrigerator...and there was something in there covered with, "eight kinds of mold!"  He is a great husband, a great daddy, a great friend. 

And I overlook it.  I forget that he chooses to be here.  Did you know the UPS man doesn't have a choice?  If I place an order and it's scheduled to be delivered, he has to deliver it, whether he feels like it or not.  But my husband?  He chooses to come home to ME every day!  He doesn't have to.  Even if I call and ask him to come home he could say no.  But he wants to!  And I want him to. 

He deserves my attention; my affection.  Today when he comes home, I'm going to greet him the way I greet the package man.  I'm going to meet him at the door with a smile and welcome him.  I might even make small talk. 

I hope he doesn't think I'm crazy!


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