Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Competitive Momming

When the competition heats up, so do my super-mom skills.  Yep, you heard me right.  Nothing gets my mom-juice flowing like a good ol' "I can do better than you."

People, my house is cleaner.  I get up earlier and wake my kids with a smile rather than a yawn.  I respond more quickly to my kids' calls.  I play more.  I'm a better version of me.  Why?  All because someone said, "I can do better than you."

Little Lou, my friends.

She's the culprit.

Oh, it might be my fault, but I'm telling you, she's the motivation.

On Saturday, she got her very own GeoPalz pedometer.

(Don't worry, you'll hear more about that in a couple weeks.)  I told her I thought it'd be fun if we had a daily contest to see who can walk the most steps.  She had questions: what's our goal, what do we win, how is it even FAIR if I'm at school all day, and more.  And then she said it.  "I can do better than you, Mommy."

And, ummm, yeah.  She HAS done better.  3 out of the last 4 days, she's done better.  Yesterday, she devoured me.  Chewed me up and spit me out.  I even went for a walk while she was at Girl Scouts!  Today, though?  She Will. Not. Win!  Before noon?  10,000 steps.  I'm cool with her winning some days-maybe even most days, because she's six and if she doesn't win...a lot...she'll get frustrated and give up.  Where would my motivation be then?!?

But it doesn't even stop there.  I told my family about the challenge.  My mom was on board right away, to my surprise, asking if she could get a pedometer and join!  My sister, Jennifer, from Life with my BOYS, jumped on the walking wagon as well, and bought a pedometer this morning!  Even her hubby is joining in!  Bugsy wants a GeoPalz pedometer as well, but we'll have to scrimp and save to fit it into the budget.  I'm not sure yet how that will work.

Guys, Little Lou has a pedometer, and because she has a pedometer, I have walked over 13,000 steps today.  Little Lou has a pedometer, and because she has a pedometer, my mom, sister, and brother-in-law are joining us in a race to take the most steps.  Little Lou has a pedometer, and because she has a pedometer, my whole family is taking literal steps toward improving our health!

(Oh, and the travelling trophy is going to be AWESOME!)


Karen said...

15,938! Not bad for day one!

Elizabeth said...

Holy Toledo! I'd better "step" it up! I was JUST shy of 14K for the day. (Like, 30 steps shy.) Great job, mom!

Jen Crum said...

Have you made a trophy yet? I might have some materials to use.

Connie Gruning said...

Ohhhh my gosh!! I bet I could get my family to do this! We are super competitive!!
This is awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

Connie, we're LOVING it! :) So far, anyway.

Anonymous said...

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