Monday, March 12, 2012

It was unexpected.

They're disrupting my life.  

It wasn't my plan.  I figured I'd save a little money, maybe prevent a few rashes, and make a "fashion" statement.  That's right.  I wasn't really into cloth diapers for the "green-ability" at the beginning.  I was into them for the savings.  It's true!

And then I started using some glass storage containers instead of plastic.  A water bottle with a filter rather than bottled water.  Homemade cleaners.  And then.  And then.  And then...

And then today.  Today I made my grocery list and on it I put "paper plates" and "plastic cups."  

Paper plates and plastic cups.

I couldn't do it.  I'll be feeding a party of 15 on Thursday night and I just. can't. do it.  We'll be eating off of the real stuff and I'll be washing it Friday.

They're disrupting my life, those cloth diapers, and I didn't anticipate that at all!


What changes have you made lately that are disrupting your life?


Christine said...

It started as diapers, now it's quickly becoming more for me too. I'm getting rid of all tissue papers and replacing them with cloth wipes in the rooms for nose blowing and what not. I have plans for paper towel replacement, mama cloth (or cup), all natural cleaners, and (and, and, and)....

Elizabeth said...

LOVE love love my Diva Cup...although I said I'd never EVER use one, Christine! LOVE it. Go for it! :) Amazon had the best deal when I was looking.

Jen Crum said...

I saw some good deals on Lunette Cups too

BabyRoadlander said...

We have been slowly doing all of it. We have 5 kids. The environmental impact of them is HUGE. We are making homemade laundry soaps, dish soap, shower soap....all of that now. Cloth diapering. Cloth wipes. Recycling. Mama cloth is MY next step....then those paper plates I can't seem to get rid of. Already got everyone using cloth napkins....we are saving approximately $120 a month right now by shifting to things that are more green.

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