Sunday, March 11, 2012

We hold the keys.

There are four keys on my key ring: one for my house, one for my car, one for my parents' house, and one for...I don't know what.  I'm pretty attached to my keys.  They're mine.  We have spares, and you can borrow them if you need.  My keys are mine, though.  They're for me to get into my car, my house, my parents' house and...somewhere else.  I'm not sharing them.  You can't take them from me.  Mine.

That's the thing about keys, though, isn't it?  We get attached and we won't let go.  We NEED them.  We can share a spare, so you and I will each have a set, but I still hold onto mine.  I'm not going to give you total control of my house or my car.  You can have it when I don't need it, but when I need it, I'm the boss!

I have other keys too, though.  They're not on my key ring.  I have a key that opens my mouth.  One that opens my eyes.  One for my family.  One for my bedroom.  One for church.  One for right here on the blog.  I have a lot of keys.  More than I could ever name or count!  You've got a lot of keys, too.  The trouble is, they work just like the ones on the ring.  The thing is, only one person can use a key at a time.  They're funny that way.  Not only that, but even if two people have keys to the same lock, only one of them can be used at a time.

That Locksmith--He knows what He's doing, people.  You see, He made each lock, makes each lock, with a variety of keys.  He'll give you as many as you want.  One for yourself, one for your kids, one for your husband, one for your neighbor; however many keys you want, they're yours!  But then, here's the thing.  He's going to ask for you to give them all back.  He wants to be the only one that holds a key.  HE wants to be in charge--of your home, your family, your job, your friendships, your kids.  HE wants to be the boss.  HE wants to be in control!

Friends, I've been burdened these last few weeks thinking about my own life.  There are some doors to which I've willingly handed over the keys.  Here they are, God.  Do what you want in these rooms of my life.  There are some doors I've willingly handed over a spare key.  Here, God.  You can use these rooms of my life, come into these rooms of my life, when I'm not already using them.  Sometimes they're going to be mine alone, but you know, if I don't already have plans, they're all yours!  And then there are some doors to which my two-year-old self just won't let go of the keys.  Nope, God, they're mine.  I'm not sharing.  I can handle this one on my own.  It's mine and I don't need you here.

I've made a decision, though.  I've been wrestling with it for a couple weeks, and today it's crystal clear to me how I'm going to make it all work.  I'm just handing over the keys.  Those areas of my life aren't mine anymore.  I've invited God to take control.  I've laid the keys on the table.  He can have them.  He knows what He's doing.

Are there doors in your life to which you've been unwilling to hand over the keys?  Give them to God.  Let Him use those rooms for His glory.  I promise He's got a bigger plan than you ever could!


Andrea G. said...

Well said, Elizabeth. Very well said. Thank you for sharing.

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