Monday, January 23, 2012

All for Love - I love ME!

Happy (almost) February, friends!  You know what (almost) February means, don't you?  It means (almost) Valentine's Day!  It means (almost) mushy-gushy-sappy-lovey day!  It means (almost) eat so much chocolate you could puke day!

That's right, folks.  For years and years, February has been all about love.

I'm pretty sure most of you automatically think of romantic love when you think of Valentine's Day.  Who wouldn't?  We're all sort of indoctrinated into the Valentine's Day lovey-dovey hype from the time we hand out Valentine's Day cards in grade school.  All of the cards we see in stores remind us of the mushiness of this time of year.  We all LOVE love, don't we?
This year, though, I have put a new spin on...well, life.  I've taken my own life back under control (and given it more fully to God, but that's a whole different story).  I've made me a priority, and I've been learning to love ME!  That's why, this year, as a part of this year's "All for Love" blog event, I have decided to theme my own blog
I love ME!

Over the next week you'll be reading about the products I'll be giving away the first week of February as a part of the All for Love blog event!  You'll want to pay attention this week!  I'll be showing you all the AMAZING sponsors I have for my (over $300!!) prize package!  You won't want to miss out!

For now?  I want you to make a promise to me.  Promise me that, over the next month, you'll find one way, just one, that you can begin to show yourself love!  It'll make a difference in your life.  I promise!


Jen Crum said...

I want to win your package.

Elizabeth said...

My package ROCKS! :) I think you'll be fighting with a LOT of people over this one!

jdm2551 said...

Oh...I have totally been thinkin' of myself lately. :) I NEED some ME stuff! I'll be entering your package ;)
Can't wait for the sneak peeks!!!
Jessi G.

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