Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love ME! Sponsor: Savvy Rest

One of the foundations of good health (and therefore a staple for finding love for ourselves), is getting plenty of good quality sleep each night!  Savvy Rest understands this, and they have created a line of organic bedding to support good sleep and green living in one!

Savvy Rest has a full line of products; you can get everything from a natural mattress to bedding to pillows!  They're all organic, they're all natural latex and they all look beautiful!  Savvy Rest decided to send me a Shredded Latex Pillow for review!

The Shredded Latex Pillow by Savvy Rest is customizable.  I really like that feature!  It comes super thick...about 8 inches thick, in fact!  I'm sure there are some people that link their pillows this thick, but I am not one of them.  There are two zippers on the Shredded Latex Pillow, one on the "case" and one on the pillow itself.  Inside the inner zipper, there is tons and tons of shredded latex, just as you'd expect!

You simply open up the pillow and remove as much or as little shredded latex as you need to make the pillow perfectly comfortable for you!

I removed a lot - a LOT - of latex from my pillow.  In fact, I stuffed a 2 gallon zippered bag FULL of the latex shreds I removed! 

The biggest problem I had with this process was that it was MESSY!  Thankfully I had the vacuum cleaner nearby.  In the future, I think I would put down some paper or something on which to make my adjustments.

I L-O-V-E my Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow!  I love that I can squish the latex around each night so that my head and neck are supported just the way I like!  I did this with my old pillow, but it didn't take long for the pillow to become misshapen and lumpy.  With the Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow, my head is comfy and my neck is supported.  The pillow is heavy, but that doesn't cause a problem at all!

You'll LOVE the customization you can get with the Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow!

You'll especially love the customization if you win one (an $89 value) from my blog during the I love ME! event that will go live at midnight tonight!  (While you wait, why not take a minute to follow Savvy Rest on facebook and Google+?)


lydiasgt said...

I need a new pillow! I like my pillows fluffy, so i think i would like that it is thick. I like how you can fluff it up though.

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