Friday, August 10, 2012

You'll love the view

I sent a message to a friend this morning, and then thought perhaps she wasn’t the only one that needed it.  I hope she doesn’t mind me passing it along to a couple thousand other friends as well, because we’re all in the middle of something, and each of you could probably use a bit of encouragement for something.  I shared this with some other people recently, because they were upset that someone had said their fight was a "harder fight" than the one these people were going through:
You'll get through this. You will. The way I see it, whatever you are going through RIGHT NOW is the biggest battle you've ever dealt with…or anyone has. Your battle RIGHT NOW is huge. But in a little while, you'll be past this (at least for a bit) and it won't feel quite as huge...and your NEXT thing will be the biggest battle ever. We're still in the middle of the "battle" with Bugsy, but since we're kind of in a lull, I don't think about it much. But when Stinky broke his leg? That was the hardest thing I've dealt with as a mommy...because I was in it RIGHT THEN. When I look at them side by side, obviously the 6 surgeries Bugsy’s has had, particularly the three 12+ hour skull surgeries, are WAY bigger than a broken leg.  But in the thick of it?  THIS battle is the hardest.

I don't know if that's helpful. Maybe not. But I guess I just mostly want to say hang in there, because in a year...2 years...10'll likely look back and remember that this was the hardest thing you'd ever dealt with to that point...but you'll have come out a stronger, better, fiercer mama because of it, and you'll be at a point where you'll be able to see where God's hand was all along. Your perspective will have changed, and while you will probably never be "grateful" for this journey, you'll be able to see some beauty in what it's done in your life.

I'm praying for you. It's HARD to be "that mom." Super hard. There are so very many emotions EVERY minute of EVERY day. There are some things you just have to learn to accept, and that is terrifying. But you'll make it out. You'll get to the other side. And you'll love the view from there.


Alicia C. said...

Great post and the words are SO TRUE for me right now!
Thanks to Jen for sharing this one with me :)

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