Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An interview with the Bug

Three weeks from this very moment, I will be sitting in a waiting room at a Riley Hospital for Children, nervously finding ways to pass time as I wait to hear the next hourly update about the Bug.  My family will be trying to convince me to get some lunch, and I will be refusing because I might miss the nurse.  I'll be playing on the computer, mindless staring at the tv, trying to hold in the panic.  I'll be laughing and joking with my family and all the while my heart will be pounding and my palms will be sweating and I'll be anxious.

The Bug, though?  The Bug is ready.  He gets headaches.  He doesn't like his "big head" because it isn't like the other kids'.  (Yes, some of them have been sure to point that out to him.)  He's ready for his "broken" head to be fixed.

I sat down with Bugsy a little bit ago to try and capture his thoughts on the whole ordeal.  We've been talking to him about surgery, telling him what will happen, and trying to prepare his as best we can.  He's about as aware as his little 3 year old mind can manage.  Here's the transcript from our chat.  (He and I have talked about this a lot.  I wanted to capture it, though, for him and for you.)

Mommy:  Tell me about your surgery.

The Bug:  They’re gonna cut my head, and they’re gonna put a new bone in it.

Mommy:  Why are they going to do that?

The Bug:  Cause some of my bone is lost.

Mommy:  Where is it?

The Bug:  At my surgery.

Mommy:  What do you think will be different after surgery?

The Bug:  My head.

Mommy:  What will be different about it?

The Bug:  Cause they’re gonna make it a different shape.

Mommy:  What shape do you think it will be?

The Bug:  Umm…a circle!

Mommy:  Are you scared about surgery?

The Bug:  No! 

Mommy:  Do you think your head will hurt after surgery?

The Bug:  I gotta go talk to Mak.  We’re on a safari right now.

And that was that.  Bugsy scampered away to hunt elephants and such.  Mommy, however?  Mommy is left to ponder.  

We've got big plans to cram a ton of summer into these next 3 weeks.  We're going to be living it up!  If you see us, say hi...and ask the Bug about his surgery!  He's pretty proud.


lydiasgt said...

What a big boy you have! We will continue to pray for you guys and the bug! Let God hold you through the surgery and know that He knows what exactly is going on, even when you don't! (I have to remind myself of this often! :) ) Praying!

Jen Crum said...

He told me it was going to be square.. hrmmm.. we'll have to see next month what it's shaped like (=

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

My heart goes out to you ;)

Higgs Happenin's said...

I really hope everything goes well! Good luck to both you and bug. I'm glad he's not nervous that will make everything easier (at least for him right?). What a cutie pie.

Keep us posted.

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