Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What was that sound?!?

I jumped out of bed this morning, eager to start my day.  It was 4:46am.  As my feet hit the floor, I was startled by a funny plopping noise behind me.  I turned around just in time to see a pound fall off and bounce across the room!

Okay, okay, so the only thing true about that entire story is that it was 4:46am.  Have I ever told you I'm NOT a morning person?  That's a whole different story, though.  What I'm here to tell you about right now is that mysterious pound that plopped.  

A quick catch-up if you've missed out...

I am two full weeks into a 6-week bootcamp with Jennifer McCay of  The bootcamp is designed to coach mommies like myself into healthier lifestyles.  Jennifer encourages *gasp* healthy eating as well as exercise to revamp your body, regain your mojo, and generally feel healthy!

As I said, I'm two weeks in.  This last week's challenges were to eat at least 2 healthy meals a day and get moving!  Easy peasy.  I knew I could do this!  Overall, I rocked this weeks challenges!  Almost every day, I had 2 (or 3!) healthy meals.  I got moving a few more times than normal.  I'm trying, folks, I'm trying!  In fact, yesterday at the grocery I bought less than a dozen items from the "inside aisles" and that included several cans of beans!

I'll be totally honest, here, and tell you that Saturday I stunk at the challenges.  My kids were out of town, which means the hubby and I go out on a date!  YAY!  This time, we hit up Olive Garden.  I did choose relatively healthy.  I had salad and minestrone soup, no breadsticks.  BUT then he remembered that a local (delicious) ice cream shop had free scoops for dads in honor of father's day.  So, I had a single (read: ginormous) scoop cone of deliciousness.  Then, my cousin got married!  (Congrats, Britty!  Love you girl!)  Wedding food is not notoriously healthy.  I only ate fruit during the appetizer round.  I loved the spinach and strawberry salad!  I kept myself to green beans and chicken with spinach and mushrooms during the main course.  But the cake.  Ah, the cake!

Did you know that when your body is out of the habit of having a lot of sugar, you get a headache after you eat a lot of sugar?  Did you know that when you eat a lot of sugar, you wake up SUPER hungry the next morning?  NOT pretty.

I quickly want to mention, too, that Jennifer and I have been communicating individually in addition to my participation in the bootcamp.  I'm blessed to be able to take advantage of her Personalized Web-Coaching program and it's super helpful already!  In one recent "session" she coached me a bit extra on meat/dairy intake.  She addresses this briefly in her information anyway, but for certain health conditions, she suggests a totally meat and dairy free diet.  Honestly, I thought that was crazy.  It does seem, however, to be working well for me!  (I am not TOTALLY meat and dairy free, but have almost completely eliminated both from my diet for nearly a week.)   

So, I know you all want to know whether I'm seeing results.  Two weeks in, surely I've noticed SOMETHING, right?  


Last week I weighed in at 186.0.  If you remember, that was 1.6 pounds down from my "official" start, and about 5.5 pounds down from my "unofficial" start at the beginning of June.  Today, I can proudly tell you that scale read:


That's right, folks!  I am down an official 5.8 pounds from the start of the 6 week challenge, and 9.8 pounds this month!  I promised myself I wasn't going to take measurements until the very end, so that I could wow myself with the results...but I lied to myself.  I took measurements last night, and I have lost almost 

5 inches!!

I know this will all slow down.  Soon I will be reporting to you that I lost 2 pounds, or 1 pound, or .4 pounds in a week.  I know that and understand that.  I also know that some of you are thinking the weight is falling off too quickly and I need to eat more because I'm starving myself.  I want to remind you that in the beginning of any "diet" (although this isn't a diet) weight tends to drop quickly and then slow down or level off.  I assure you that I am eating well...and a LOT...but it's healthy food.  I'm satisfied, and occasional stuffed.  I don't like the stuffed feeling.  I'm still learning.  But it's healthy and it feels good!

If you haven't already, please PLEASE check out!  If you're interested, there are 4 FREE videos that will certainly help you start your weight loss journey at!  I highly encourage everyone to at least give health a try!


Jennifer McCay said...

Wonderful, Elizabeth! :) :) I am so happy for you, and I think I'm going to steal that line about a pound falling off (just kidding!).

Elizabeth said...

Steal away, Jennifer! I'm LOVING your program! What great changes I'm seeing already! :) And I am telling EVERYONE to at least check it out!!

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