Wednesday, February 1, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge!

It's February!  You already know it's time for the All for Love Valentine's Event (yay!) and you already know I chose an "I love ME!" theme for my giveaway package!  What better way to celebrate than to start a brand new weight loss challenge myself?!?

Dustin Maher of Fit Moms for Life has issued a challenge to mommy bloggers.  You see, mommy bloggers tend to sit on their backsides.  Believe it or not, most of the time when I'm writing here on this page I am sitting.  When women people do a lot of sitting, they tend to...spread.  People that sit get fat, pure and simple, unless they're actively doing something about it!  Dustin's challenge?  Try, for 21 days, to see if changing your diet and exercise "plan" might just change your life!

I'll be amping up my workouts, more careful about my eating, and trying to get more sleep!  I'll also be trying to increase my water intake, although the 50ish ounces I've had so far today have me running to the potty every hour or so!  (There'll be some other "changes" too, like a food log, which I likely won't share with you because I doubt ou really want to see it!)

One of the "challenges" of to show you before and after pictures of my 21 days.  I can TOTALLY do that, and I'm not even (too) embarrassed because of how far I've already come!  Just to refresh those of you who have been with me for the last 8 months, and to bring the rest of you up to speed, I started a journey to healthify my life (I'm allowed to make up words, folks--this is my blog) last June.  On June 1st I weighed in at 191.8 pounds and I looked like this:

I wore a snug size 16 pants, Large or XL tops, and didn't realize how lousy I felt!  This morning I weighed in at 141.8...a 50 pound weight loss!  Today I wear a size 8 or 10 pants, small or medium tops, and feel great!  This is what I look like today:

People, I don't know that the front view is all that noticeable, but check out the difference in those side views!  Wanna see them right together? Here you go:



Today I am sitting 6.8 pounds above my "goal" weight, but have decided that I'll increase that goal to another 16.8.  I have TONS of toning to do as well, and if I could figure out how to get rid of that hangy belly skin and tone those arms, I'd be in heaven!!

My goals for the next 21 days are to lose 5 pounds, lose at least 1 inch from my body, and be able to do at least 15 push-ups.  (Today I could do 12!)

I'll be taking you along on my 21 day journey!  Are you a blogger as well?  Maybe you'd like to join me!  Check out!  If you send me an email (mythisnthatlife [at] gmail [dot] com) with your blog url and beg just a tad, I'll give you a code to get in on March's fun for free!  :)  You won't be able to get in the February challenge, but you'll definitely be able to get in for March!  Why wait, though?  You can go ahead and start TODAY and be so far ahead come March!

I am doing this program at no cost to me in order to advertise on my blog and make a change in my life!  All opinions are my own.


Sadie said...

Congrats on your progress thus far, and good luck to you on this challenge!!

Heidi said...

Wow, great progress! I'm in on this months challenge as well. Keep up the great work and let's kick some butt!

Theresa said...

You look fantastic. Thanks for sharing your story. It's going to be a great challenge.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Ladies! I have been working my booty off (as you can see from the pictures) for 8 months! I LOVE the way I feel now! :)

Lindsay said...

Amazing progress so far!! Keep up the good work!

Colleen Burgess said...

Awesome job! Hope this challenge helps you meet your goal

Grandma Bonnie said...

You are looking great. I am sure you will meet your goals. Thanks for the inspiration.

daivabaum said...

Thats awesome! Congratulations!

Diet Doctor said...

Your incredible! totally inspired and ready to start my own journey… Thanks for the post!? Your awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! :) It's been quite a journey! One on which I really needed to be, though. If you're really ready to get started, though, grab hold! You can do it! It'll be SO worth it!!

sree wify said...

Deep breathing for a minute or two at your desk can also help. Try yoga, meditation, a massage or spending 30 minutes to an hour each day quietly reading. Find the best way for you to relax so you can stop stressing and start losing that belly fat. Thanks.
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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the suggestions! :) I've thought about yoga...but I'm not sure I can do all those poses! Relaxing and de-stressing would likely be a huge help!

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