Monday, April 16, 2012

In the Car

This summer we're going to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.  We're super excited!  I'm the only one in our family that's been to the Dells, and none of us have ever been to a Great Wolf Lodge!  We couldn't be more ready for this trip!

Or yeah, maybe we could.

We have 3 kids.  Three little kids.  Little Lou's 6, Bugsy is 4, and Stinky is 2.  They're great ages for water park fun, but they're NOT great ages for road trip fun!  Just imagine it: three kids, packed door to door in carseats, in the backseat of a Ford Focus.  GoogleMaps tells us (as does Little Lou, almost daily) that it will take 7 hours and 18 minutes to get there.  That's roughly 8.5 "real world" hours, or 850 "virtual" hours if we hear "Are we there yet" with the frequency we did this last weekend on our hour and a half trip to Ohio!  So that sounds fun, right?

I WANT it to be fun, even the car trip part of it.  I really want it to be fun!!  

I need your help.  Your tips.  Your favorite travel products.  Your best "he's looking at me" solutions.  HELP!! I KNOW we've got some seasoned travelers around here.  (Maybe I'm just hopeful??)  Tell me what you do to keep the trip enjoyable for EVERYONE!

Thanks in advance for your ideas and tips! 


Jen Crum said...

Buy a $1 bag of pipe cleaners (25 in the bag) - let the kids go wild with them. Monkey LOVES to bend them, build with them, fight with them... I'm not kidding, this game could last for hours by itself.

Ask Poppy if he has any old altoid containers - get one for each child - fill it with legoes (not that it will hold a ton) and see what they can come up with.

Elizabeth said...

Totally planning on the pipe cleaner for the altoids, I am actually looking for slightly bigger squarish metal containers so I can glue a lego board onto the top and fill it with legos. :)

I made some super cute mini felt boards, and so far have felt rainbows and the starts of felt potato heads...

Making little travel "art" cases...probably colored pencils for Little Lou and crayons for the boys...or maybe colored pencils for Bugsy too. We'll see.

Gonna try to find a time to cruise Hobby Lobby sans kids as well. I found TONS of ideas in the little bit of time I spent there yesterday!

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