Friday, July 15, 2011

Blood scientist

As we took our morning walk today, we discussed the future just a bit.  We passed a two-story house, and Little Lou told me that when those people move out, she'd like to buy that house and move in.  She wants our next house to have two floors, like Mammaw's house.  Little Lou asked me when I think we'll move to a different house.  (This isn't totally out of the blue.  We've told her that one reason daddy is going to school right now is so that one day we can have a house with TWO BATHROOMS!) 

Little Lou:  "Where do you think Daddy will get a job?  Do you think it'll be at a new Meijer?"
Mommy:  "No, baby.  Daddy's going to get a job that's not at a store."
Little Lou:  "Well, what kind of job?  Is he going to work in a bakery?"
Mommy:  "No, Daddy wants to be a scientist."
Little Lou:  "A scientist?  What's a scientist do?"
Mommy:  "Well, there are lots of different kinds.  Some of them take care of animals, some of them do           experiments with chemicals, some of them look at blood..."
Little Lou:  "Wait, Mommy...stop right there.  I do NOT want to be a blood scientist when I grow up!"
Mommy:  "That's okay.  I don't think Daddy wants to be a blood scientist, either."
Little Lou:  "You know, Mommy, I think Daddy should just be a hotdog maker."

Sorry, folks.  I just had to share a little bit of insight into my daily life.  What do you want to be when you grow up?


Jen Crum said...

I love it - hotdog makers are pretty cool!

Karen said...

I love the way the mind of a 6 year old works! Keep thinking, Hannah Lou!

Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

Too stinkin cute. Hmmm and what do I wanna be when I grow up? I don't ever wanna grow up, hehe.

boyzrule said...

Ha ha! Kids say the darndest things! Mine does want to be a scientist, but not a blood scientist. He love Myth Busters TV show!

kmogilevski said...

I am always amazing at the types of comments that kids come up with. Adorable!

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