Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching up

We've had a super busy week in our family!  As you know, Bugsy had surgery a week ago today.  A week ago!  Can you believe it?  The week has flown.  The Bug is doing GREAT!  The last two nights I've given him regular Tylenol at night and no pain meds at all during the day.  In fact, we came home Saturday afternoon and since then he's had a grand total of 3 doses of Tylenol with Codeine..two at night at my discretion, and one during the day when chicken strips were too hard to chew and were hurting his jaw!  I haven't taken pictures yet today but here is a little photo journey of our week for you:

Bugsy, ready for surgery!

Goofy Juice on Board

Just before he was wheeled away.  They tell us that he rolled into the OR, looked around, winked at the nurses, and said a flirtatious, "Heeeeelllllloooo, Girls!" into that little microphone.

And then we waited. For the longest 13 1/2 hours of our lives, we waited.  Those chairs aren't as comfy as they look! 

Our first glimpse of our post-op Little Man. 

In the PICU.  On the foot of his crib is his "prayer chain" from Cranio Care Bears, a group of cranio-mamas who send amazing care packages to little ones preparing for surgery.  The chain stayed on his bed the entire time he was in the hospital, and was returned to his bed as soon as we got home.

Mommy finally got to hold him Thursday afternoon!  He wouldn't let me put him down.  For three hours. 

Swelling peaked on Friday.  Poor baby.  :(

He missed Little Lou and asked to call her on Friday.

Look, Mommy! I can SEE!!  (He had to use his fingers to open his eyes at this point, but he was excited!)

We finally made it to the playroom Saturday morning.

We played Guess Who!  Daddy had to help the Bug, but he loved it!  (Yes, his eyes are open here.)

Cousins came for a visit and brought huge homemade cards!

He showed them how his "repeller" hat helps him to fly!

We came home Saturday, and the Bug's been GREAT!  He's had a grand total of THREE doses of Tylenol with Codeine.  We didn't even fill his Valium prescription.  And last night I didn't even give him regular Tylenol at bedtime, but he slept all night and woke up pain free!  (Don't tell any of that to the nurse that pushed pain meds while we were in the hospital, okay?)

We've celebrated our homecoming, the birth of our nation, and the birth of SIX year old Little Lou in the last week!  We've done a lot of laughing, a lot of sorting through things, and a lot of changing.  The Bug's head isn't the only thing that was "modified" this week.  There'll be more to come on that later!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers this last week and a half!  We've needed them!

Bugsy, July 8, 2011


Anonymous said...

Thats is great I'm so glad he is doing well. Will keep prayers coming...

boyzrule said...

He is making awesome progress!! What a fighter and he is lucky to have you all!!

AEK said...

Such wonderful news! Thanks for sharing the pictures, too! He (and you all too!) continue to be in my prayers. He is an amazing little boy.

Misty said...

Congratulations Bugsy! It looks like you did GREAT! I'm crying with joy for you! That propeller hat is VERY cool. I wish I had one. Give your mom a BIG hug and let her know that she did great too!

erin.nicole said...

So glad that he pulled through strong and that he is doing so well at home! I will continue to keep you guys in my thoughts as he continues to recover!

Tara said...

yeah! glad to hear he's doing well. :) he's a tought little guy!

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

These pics made me cry, hugs to you guys

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