Monday, September 12, 2011

Heelys, take 2...still learning

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a new toy I was trying out.  Remember it?  That's right.  This mama has been trying to learn to use Heelys!

The Scoop

 I am a member of a community called Business2Blogger.  It's a great online tool that connects businesses with bloggers, so that businesses that are seeking reviews can find the perfect blogger matches.  It's a great program.  Recently, B2B launched a HUGE campaign asking for hundreds of blogger to volunteer to try Heelys shoes.  Remember Heelys?  Your kids might be begging for them.  YOU might have begged for them when you were a preteen/teen.  You might have even had some.  Well, whether you had them as a kid or not, you can now!  Heelys now has adult shoes in a bunch of different colors and styles!  Heelys sent me a pair of their Edge shoes to try!
The Good

Ease of use.   I have to admit, I expected Heelys to be easier to use than they actually are.  I don't know why I expected that I could just hop into a pair of wheeled shoes unlike anything I'd worn before and zip off around the block.  I can't.  But Heelys come with great online tutorials that show you exactly how to get rolling!  

Sizing.  I love that Heelys come in adult sizes!  This is great not only for adults, but for those preteens/teens that have bigger feet.  

Construction.  Heelys are extremely well made.  The construction is at least as good as any other brand of tennis shoes I've worn.  I was concerned about the nylon of the Edge shoes, but it's great and looks just like canvas, but is more durable.  They're great!

Style.  While the particular pair of Heelys I chose weren't necessarily the style of shoes I normally wear, there are lots of different styles to choose from--in every color you can imagine! 

The Bad
The fit.  My sister and I disagree on this.  You see, she has wide, flat feet, and they're swollen from pregnancy.  She thinks Heelys are the BEST shoes ever (without the wheels, for now) for pregnant feet.  I, on the other hand, have narrow feet with high arches, and I am not pregnant.  I feel like the shoes are too wide, allowing my feet to slide around, and that they offer little to no support for my arches.  If I cinch them up tight enough to make up for the width, they buckle around my toes.

The Outcome

I enjoy wearing Heelys, short term anyway.  They are a fun "distraction" from the running shoes I wear every other minute of the day.  They are great if I have to run out and do just a few things, because they're easy to slip on and go.  I can imagine they'd be GREAT for people with wider feet than mine!  I also can tell that they would be perfect (without the wheels) for people who wear orthotics on their feet for support!  (I know because they are EXACTLY the kind of shoes we searched for and couldn't find for Bugsy a couple years ago.)  Heelys are fun to try (even though I am not good at them, at all, yet).  AND as an added bonus, they give my kids something to giggle about!

If you'd like to see me finally able to balance (for about half a second) on Heelys, check out the video below.  You have to promise, though, that you won't be dismayed by the headless woman in the video!  That's what happens when you rely on your kitchen table and your 4 year old to act as tripod! 

Would you like to give Heelys a try but aren't sure about paying the price just now?  Check out these great deals!  Heelys is offering a male and female version of their shoes at a big discount!  Check them out...and ENJOY!!

I was provided this product in conjunction with Business2Blogger and Heelys in order to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.


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