Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rubbermaid winner!

Have I told you lately how easy Rafflecopter makes drawing winners?  It's awesome.  Just click the button and bam!  Winner!  So today, you, Amanda Herman, should be jumping up and down singing Rafflecopter praises as well.  That's right!  Rafflecopter chose YOU today!  I've already emailed you, so if you haven't seen the email yet, check your inbox!

Now, if only I could choose the time I want Rafflecopter to go live, I'd be in bloggy heaven!


Moonglow283 said...

whoohoo! i totally did jump up and down when i read that - i am so psyched! these were actually on my christmas list - my husband said "great, now i have to figure out something else to get your for christmas" :) let me know if you diddn't get email, and thnaks again!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I got your email! And tell your hubby to go ahead and get'll want more than one set! :)

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