Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's just around the corner! Wholesale Costume Club Review

It's coming.  Soon.  I know because there are all sorts of dancing mummies, witches, and skeletons in our local stores.  There's candy EVERYWHERE and giant blow up spooky "stuff" at every corner.  I know because Bugsy is singing this song every time we go to the store:

"Yay, yay, I love Halloween!  I love it because I love to eat CAAAAAAANDY!"

Except he doesn't.  And he won't.  (He doesn't eat sweets.  He doesn't like them.)  We'll carve pumpkins.  (We may even get them from a pumpkin patch!) We'll do the whole Halloween Costume thing and we'll go trick-or treating.   We'll bring home a plethora of candy in every shape, size, and flavor.  We'll sort through the candy, pick out the "good" stuff, put it all in one bowl, and put it in the cabinet.  We'll give the kids candies for rewards for a couple weeks, then we'll all forget about it.  Come Easter, we'll throw away the extra, in favor of jelly beans and creme eggs (yum).

For our kids, though, it's not about eating the candy, at least not too much.  Nope.  They love the part where they get to dress up in fancy costumes and parade around the neighborhood!  That's their favorite thing.  We'll go to a neighborhood near Little Lou's school so she can (hopefully) see some of her friends.  She thinks that's awesome.  And when she does see them, she'll be showing off her Juliet costume from Wholesale Costume Club!  He recently visited a somewhat local Renaissance Festival, and Little Lou was super excited to look at the Renaissance Costumes on the site!

(This is the catalog image.)
Little Lou was SO excited to receive her costume, she couldn't wait to put it on!  Here she is, modeling her fancy new "Renaissance Princess" dress:

Little Lou loves her new costume!  I love that the quality is decent (this particular costume is the type you'd get at a box store in the plastic wrapper) and the prices are good.  The fabric of this dress is soft but not super high quality...but then you wouldn't expect it to be "real" velvet for $21.98!  (This costume is just $15.96 if you're a "club member"...and it's only $5 to become a member.  If you have more than one costume to buy it is WELL worth it!

There are so many adorable costumes, you'll have trouble choosing the perfect one! Here are a couple of my favorites:

And SOOO many more!  If you have children (or grown ups!) in your house that need costumes this Halloween season (and I KNOW you do!) be sure to check out the Halloween Costumes at Wholesale Costume Club!

I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


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