Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flats and Handwashing: Day 4

Holy cow!  This week is flying by!  It's Thursday already!  I realized this morning that I haven't reported on my progress this week.  I'm sure you're all dying to know how the week is going, right??

Let me begin by saying we successfully dodged the rain storms yesterday.  Diapers dried on the line in the morning, and when they were still slightly damp as the storms began to roll in, I brought them in and hung them over chair backs until they dried.  It sure took a LOT longer than it had the previous two days!

I confessed to my sister this morning that I had 6 flats that needed to be washed.  I had a crazy afternoon/evening yesterday, and just didn't get them all done like I'd planned!  I told her that it is supposed to storm again today, and I simply don't have the space to lay or hang 6 flats...and if it came down to it, I'd machine dry them.  (It's against the rules, I know...but I need clean, dry dipes!)  Anyway, I checked the weather, and no matter what the sky tells me, the weatherman says it won't rain until around 2, so I've got 6 flats, 2 covers, and 2 wipes out there on the line.  Please don't rain.  Please don't rain.  Please don't rain!

I am loving this challenge.  I am surprised how easy flats are to use!  I thought I'd be a pad folder most of the time, because it's just easy.  I am surprising myself, though, because I am totally not a pad folder!  I have been trying different folds all week.  I've tried the pad fold, the origami fold, the kite fold, and the diaper bag fold.  They all have distinct advantages, but my favorite by FAR is the origami fold!  (This is my favorite tutorial, too.)  Oh no...while I was searching for links for those, I just found this page that has 3 more folds, the twist fold, the diamond fold, and the angel wing fold!  Holy cow!  I had no idea there were so many options!  I think I may just stick with my origami fold, though!

I thought I'd have to change the covers frequently and was concerned about using just 3...I'm still waiting on a couple to come!  I actually only had 2 until yesterday!  I've been lucky, though, and haven't had any poo leakage on any of my covers!  Yay!  I have been able to reuse covers until they get stinky, which has been a huge plus!

The challenge is going great.  I commend those of you who do this every day of your lives.  It IS a bit of a challenge at times, particularly the washing part!  But it's totally doable.  I'm actually, at this point, planning to extend my challenge (at least off and on) into next week...because I am still waiting on those last two covers and want to use them in the way I'd intended...for the flats and handwashing challenge!  

Good luck to my fellow challengers!  I hope you're finding this to be as good as I am!  I'm planning to try some flats in pocket diapers for overnights once this challenge is over.  I think I may have found a new overnight solution to the heavy-wetting problem!


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