Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Putting it all out there

And then it was Monday.

Week 1, Day 1.

The day that, rain or shine, I vowed to start the C25K program.


The day.

I've got the gear:

The water bottle

The iPod (complete with C25K app)

The shoes (mine have yellow stripes instead of red)
The stroller (Thank you, Phil&Ted, and your amazing BFG program!)

And I've got the want to.  (Where's the willpower?  Do I have it?)

Why the want to?  

This morning, I weighed 188.2.  That's right.  I'm putting it all there.  I have 53 pounds to lose to be in the middle of "healthy" weight range for my height and build.  

So, here I am:

Blech.  I told you I'd post these if I were feeling brave.  I'm not. feeling. brave.  At all.  But what I AM feeling is motivated, dedicated, and a little bit obligated.



Rainy, dreary Monday.

And we ran!

And we finished!

The boys wanted to keep going:

But THIS mama was hot and tired!

Hot and tired, but even more determined!  We're going to do this, folks.  We're going to make it!  

If you'd like to join me on my journey, I'd love to have you!  Please just let me know you're running along with me!  I'll be posting each Monday with my progress.  (I know today is Tuesday...Monday got away from me!)

Thanks for your support as I strive to be healthy for my family...and myself!


sarahkier said...

Good for you Elizabeth! whoo Hoo!

Elizabeth said...

I'm trying, Sarah! The Bug's surgery is going to interrupt the program, so I won't complete it in 9 weeks...but I WILL complete it! :)

Sunflower Joy said...

I wish I could do something like that. I will watch you and maybe be encouraged:)

lydiasgt said...

Way to go Elizabeth!

Marisa said...

You can do it! We did day 2 yesterday - the kids said it was way easier than day 1, and we made it farther, so we must have been going faster - trying to beat the rain! Hope this crazy weather passes soon for all our sakes!

Elizabeth said...

Ick...I was planning for day 2 today, but I'm pretty sure Stinky's 11 diaper changes yesterday must have been a little bug...I was feeling it today. :( Low grade fever, chills, headache, tummy ache...I didn't figure it was a good idea to run! I'm feeling better now (other than the headache) so I think tomorrow I'll be back at it! AND a friend's bringing me her Wii Sports Active tomorrow, which I guess has a distance running program?? so I can use that when it's raining! Woohoo! (I know, not the same...but something, at least!)

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