Thursday, December 9, 2010

Budding Independence

Have I mentioned that my baby boy is 9 months old?  Time is absolutely flying by.  Yesterday his sister was 9 months old...she's nearly 5 1/2.  This morning his big brother was 9 months old.  He's 3 1/2.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is this little bugger 9 months old, but he's growing a tiny little (okay, GREAT BIG) personality!

He's a goofball.  He blows raspberries now, something the other kids have never done.  He yells at his hands.  (Either that or he's waving his hands around and screaming at us, we're not really sure.)  He is cruising.  CRUISING!  He laughs when he sees the big kids.  He blabbers at the dog, his best friend.  Yep, he's growing up right before my eyes.

I don't remember when I did it with the other kids, but I'm pretty sure it was earlier, at least with Thing 1.  For some reason I was much more ready to relinquish control to her.  She has been independent since the day she was born, though.  No kidding.  That girl practically came out knowing how to handle herself.  Anyway, I guess I knew eventually it'd happen with Stinky, too.  For some reason, though, I thought maybe I could hold onto the "baby" for just a bit longer with this one.  But then yesterday...

Yep...He took the spoon right out of my hand.  I knew it was coming.  He hasn't wanted me to feed him for a couple weeks.  I've had to fight his hands out of my way.  But eventually, you have to let them learn things.  So we begin our self-spoon-feeding adventure.

He was so proud of himself! 

Look at those oatmeal hands!  For the first time ever, he didn't cry when the oatmeal was gone!

And a silly face, for good measure.  :)

And then today, he refused anything I had to feed him.  He even took the macaroni off the fork when I tried to feed it to him tonight. 


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