Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloth diapers

When Thing 1 was a baby,

we briefly (VERY briefly) discussed using cloth diapers.  Our moms

did it 30 years ago, so it couldn't be THAT bad, right?

So, I did some research and found that, according to the reviews I read anyway, cloth diapering isn't any cheaper overall than disposable.  Since that was our main concern, we just went with what we knew.  (Translation: We weren't grossed out by wrapping poop up, sticking it in a plastic bag, and throwing it in the outdoor trash.)

We're 3 kids in, now.

Stinky is almost 10 months old, and until about a month ago, he and Bugsy were BOTH in diapers, at least part time.  (Bugs was down to naps and when I was scared he'd have an accident.)  Two kids in disposable diapers is expensive!  We even buy the cheap kind!  But we were faithful "sposie" users.

There was only ONE brand/type of wipes we could use for Bugsy, and of course they were the most expensive.

And then there's the smell!  I HATE the overpowering urine smell in "sposies!"

So, about 2 months ago, I got frustrated enough to start doing some research.  Turns out, you can buy MUCH much cheaper cloth diapers now!  You're not going to get cloth diapers cheaper per diaper than sposies, but you can certainly get a couple cloth cheaper than a whole pack of sposies!  I had heard, too, that the laundry costs were super high with cloth.  That was one of the big "turn-offs" initially.  But in my research I found that most people only do a couple extra loads a week.  That's not too bad at all, especially considering they are small loads and you only use 1/2 the detergent!

So, I began looking for a "cheap" cloth diapering alternative.  There are lots of options out there that I really want to try.  So far, though, I've got these:

Four econobum cloth diaper covers.  I bought "seconds" from their website, Cotton Babies, for $5 a piece and free shipping!  They're awesome because they're adjustable to fit babies from 7-38 pounds (I think) which, for may babies, seems to mean about 2 years.  I HAVE in an emergency fit Bugsy in one...he's 43 pounds!

You have to use these over a cloth diaper.  I've been using cotton prefolds, like mom used.  ;-)  I have a whole pile of hand-me-downs. 

The ones I like best are various pink patterns.  Stinky doesn't seem to care, though!  Maybe someday I will be able to convince my budget that it's worth buying something different!  Notice the washcloths...when I am feeling particularly adventurous I use those with warm water instead of wipes!  They work SO much better.  One washcloth does the job! 

I'm hoping someday to be able to get some of the "nicer" all-in-one or pocket or all-in-2 or...or...or... diapers.  Daddy won't change cloth, so we're back and forth between cloth and sposies, but I think if we had "easier" ones he'd be more likely to come on board!  I really do enjoy the difference cloth diapering is making...in our budget AND in our little guy's bottom!  (And even stinky diapers REALLY don't smell as bad with cloth!)

Besides, what could be cuter than this?

Oh wait...yeah...this...


sarahkier said...

So cute! Cloth really is awesome! I totally agree that sposies stink! Sometimes Cooper is poopy and I have to actually look to make sure when he is in a cloth but if he is ever in a sposie, I know right away! stinky!
I love love love cloth diapering. I also think your hubby would be more on board with a pocket diaper and velcro because it is SO SO SO simple!

My This N That Life said...

I can't even smell the pee! I have to feel for it. And you're right...I often have to check for poo, too. Totally less smelly! I think that's my favorite part so far!

erika said...

well when you figure out how to sell the hubs on changing them, let me know! I'm in love with CDing now too, but not in love with being the only person doing the job. and I don't understand really, because I've got easy pocket diapers and they contain the poo (versus daily blow-outs with disposables) so clean-up is actually simpler, but he just won't do it

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